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YAMPST - Collect statistics and crashes, and notify your players when your pack updates


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YAMPST - The mod for collecting modpack statistics!


Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want to know how many people play with your pack?
  • Do you want to resolve unknown crashes in your modpack?
  • Have you ever wished to be able to send a message to all your modpack users when there's a critical bug, cool news or a new version of your pack available?

If you answered YES to one or more of the questions above, then I think this mod might be for you.


YAMPST is a Forge mod available for 1.6.4, 1.7.2 and 1.7.10, undergoing active development on all three versions. The sole purpose of this mod is to collect statistics and crashes for modpacks, which is something modpack devs have been struggling with for a while (yes, I know Technic has statistics, but they seem to be a little.. buggy, at times). An added bonus of the mod as of version 1.2 (which all statistics trackers from YAMPST are by default now) is the ability to inform your users of various news, like:

  • When your modpack updates
  • Warn users about a critical bug
  • Wish them a merry Christmas

And much more.


YAMPST is a collaboration project between me and Commador, and is open-source.


YAMPST is licensed under the LGPL v3, and its code can be reviewed at http://code.yampst.net/. Unlike GPL, which doesn't allow linking with non-GPL software, LGPL lets you use our mod together with Minecraft. You can do whatever you want with it, as long as you abide by LGPL v3.


You can easily log in to a website to see all your collected statistics and crashes.


Our web interface at http://yampst.net/ lets you easily check out statistics in neat graphs. You can also download crash reports, one by one, or all of them in one big file.


We're doing volunteer work, and are open to suggestions! If you have any questions, concerns or stories to tell, we're open to listening :)


We don't want to be a huge, scary corporation. We're open to feedback of any kind :) Just ask in this topic, in #YAMPST on irc.esper.net, on the Minecraft Forums thread or at the contact page and http://varden.info/contact.php and we'll get back up you as soon as we can!




YAMPST is different from other mods in that it cannot just be downloaded right away. In order to use, or try, YAMPST, you'll have to register an account at http://yampst.net/register and log in. Then, give us the name of your modpack and some basic info, and  then you can download the mod! Don't worry about this, it's really easy. The reason you have to register is that you need to be able to manage your own modpacks, keep statistics private if you want, etc. and using a user account system is the easiest way to do that.


Important info to users of modpacks with this mod


This mod will send back information to YAMPST's servers with anonymous statistics. If your game crashes, the crash report will be sent as well to assist the modpack developer in fixing the crash for you. The game will also look for new notifications from the modpack developer (referred to as "alerts"). We do not collect statistics for these alerts and no one will know how many (or who) received alerts on their clients. If you at any time want to opt out of any of these features, you can do so at http://yampst.net/optout .

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