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Speeding rubber tree growth

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Hi Folks,

I'm trying to speed up rubber tree growth as I know they don't respond to bone meal. There is little around in the way of information about their behavior.

The question is this ... is there an evaluation taken out at the start of every day, or is it just a continuous thing. Basically, if I sleep through the nights will I help anything or have no effect?

As my character will be in-game, what kind of effect will I have on the chunks; do I affect the same chunks as a chunk loader, for example, the + pattern, or do I affect everything I see on the mini map?

TIA for any info.

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First off the tree you're having trouble with is the Rubber Wood tree, a totally different tree from the industrial craft rubber tree.

1. Sleeping through the night would have little effect on the tree unless somnia is speeding up the world as you sleep.

Plant growth of any kind is based on ticks a chunk gives 20 ticks a second in that second 20 random blocks are picked to see if they need updating obviously some blocks update automatically and don't wait but ignore that. I don't know of a way to speed this up but if you're trying to grow multiple you can always make sure that you place sapling in seperate chunks for a better chance of growth.

2. You will affect it similar to a chunk loader block

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Yes, I'm trying the Rubber Wood Trees as I'm trying to put a few together to make a nice tree house with a reasonable bit of floor space. That information definately helps; many thanks.

If you're really bored, you can see the old one here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4NcKtnVCW0 - when I came across a load of trees that has been generated in a circle pattern and decided to make a home out of it to see where the design went.

I've actually got passages that go down the centre of the trunks to machine installations in the floor, protected by Advanced Stone in case any creepers come a-calling around the base. I've even got another secret one (not in the video) where the automatic floor steps are hidden in the branches below.

I'm really coming to love building tree houses, but having to wait such a considerable amount of time (human days) is seriously holding up the build.

My character was waiting on the island for 11 hours (which was what caused the chunk loader spill that toasted the server yesterday because I was so far away from the quarry; I ended up having to revert to backup because I lost so much deep material) and only three trees grew in that time, and too far apart to be of any use.

If I could find the rules to these trees growth, then I could plant them better, but information on their behaviour is very hard to find.

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I've registered with the IC2 forum but I've got to wait until I get home to confirm the account. I actually dropped them a small donation the other day so maybe they'll entertain my suggestion for making those trees respond to a deliberate growth agent, such as bone meal. I know it's a long shot but it's all I've got!

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I did, which is how I landed on her blog. And wow, you're in an insulting mood today. Step out of the wrong side of bed on to a cactus? And I'm not asking her to talk with me, just read a suggestion. I'm not actually asking her to co-write a minecraft war and peace on my behalf.

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