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✦SoulCraft: Ultimate ✦ Technic Launcher Modpack for 1.7.10 ✦


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SoulCraft: Ultimate

for 1.7.10!



Wish to try out a fun new modpack with fun things to do? Ever wanted to have a home in 5 or more different dimensions? Or run a giant diamond condensing machine while you raise dinosaurs? Well now you can! On SoulCraft: Ultimate,  you can do just these things, as well as make a mining turtle dance, clear out massive dungeons spawned in underground, and even wreak havoc in the word with your powersuits! There's lots to do in SoulCraft: Ultimate, and the opportunities become endless when you play with friends!

Try it out today! Here is a link to our modpack's page:  http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/soulcraft-modpack.486713


Don't be shy! Let me know what you think of our modpack here, or on the modpack's page linked above! All feedback is appreciated, good or bad. Credits to the mods used go to the owners of the mods he/she made, and links to the mod page for each mod is linked on my modpack page as well! Please do enjoy!


A list of Mods and links are listed below!


Trap Craft v2.2.1a

Treecapitator universal 2.0.3  *Was Downloaded here*

Better Storage

buildcraft 6.0.17


dungeonpack 1.7.10-1.0

Fossils and Archeology 6.4b

iChunUtil 4.0.0

IC2 Experimental 1.7.10





Morph Beta 0.9.0

NEI universal

OptiFine HD U A4

Rei'sMinimap 1.7.10-3.6   *can be downloaded here*

resonant engine core


TwilightForest 2.3.2

universal electricity core

Waila 1.5.5

ProjectE 0.2a

PlayerAPI 1.7.10-1.0

Bibliocraft v1.8.2

ComputerCraft 1.65

eggygoodness 1.7.10-1.3



Battletowers 1.7.10 

ArmorStatusHD 1.27 

StatusEffectHD 1.26 

Ether 1.7.10-0.7.13 

NEI Plugins MC1.7.10- (Unofficial) 

Dynamic Lights 1.7.10 


Now I know this modpack is not the biggest, nor the coolest or funnest, but it is what it is, and perhaps some of you will enjoy it! The modpack was first made so that friends and I could have fun with mods, but eventually I had wanted to make a server with these mods if it got popular enough. I had made the modpack thinking about PvP, so it might be a fun modpack to use for something like Factions. Just to throw that out there! :P Anyways, have fun trying out my modpack, and if you enjoy it please do 1+  it. Thank you :)




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