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Schilcote's Solo Technic 7 LP


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Hey, I'm Schilcote, and, like many other people, I have a Technic 7 LP going on. It updates weekly.

What sets it apart from the plethora of LPs out there? Well, for one thing I'm over the age of twelve. I also have a semi-decent recording setup, and a sense of humor.

So what sets it apart from the plethora of good LPs out there? Well, for one thing I'm not afraid to cheat a bit if it means more fun for myself and the viewer. I suppose this could be a plus for some and a minus for others. Also, I've ended up with a rather interesting world; I've started out in a Better Dungeons castle!

Unfortunately, I don't have a playlist up quite yet, but here's the link to my channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/toastengineer

Check it out sometime!

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