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Adding Mods to Tekkit??

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I am new to tekkit and i started running a server. I would like to know if there are mods you can add to it. Ex. Mo Creatures, Zepplin, Airships. If you can tell me how to do this on 2.1.1 and add a small list of mods that I should add (if you can Add them). That would be awesome.

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Yeah, problem is neither Zeppelin, Airships or Mo Creatures will go on your server; they aren't SMP.

However, if what you want is modloader compatible, you can drop it in the folder no problem.

If it's not, then there are helpful guides around to steer you in the right direction.

Problem is, everyone who you want to play on your server will have to make exactly the same changes you did.

Think about that, then be happy with what you have.

Or take some inspiration from some servers advertising here, and make your own addons pack with installer.

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Actually mo creatures is smp and bukkited now, but personally I haven't gotten it to work.

to OP: You can go here: http://mcportcentral.co.za/wiki/index.php?title=Ports_for_1.2.5

That is a list of mods that can theoretically be added to the server. It is not a simple procedure usually, there will be block conflicts and such that you need to figure out. If you have specific issues you need help with you can ask them, but we can't exactly forsee all the issues you might have with any given mod you try to install.

Also, any mods you add to the server are going to have to be added to any client that tries to connect to the server as well, like mr. moogle said. So that is a bunch more work on top of getting the server running.

Stuff like bukkit plugins are a little easier to get working on the server usually, but still require some configuring.

Basically it isn't an easy "tell me how to do this" type of thing. If you want to do it, do some research, get your hands dirty and just mess around with it.

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Everybody Since Single Player Will Have Lans And For Some Reason Every Mod Will Work For Mutli Player in 1.3.0 Shouldnt All Mods In The Technic Pack Work For Tekkit?

Why do you abuse your shift key(s) like this? It's unkind to them.

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