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LWJGL update unstable?

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Hey folks, just noticed tekkit 3.0.3 was out (HUZZAH!) and I did what I always do upon getting a new minecraft; I update the LWJGL files to 2.8.3 because it gives me a *massive* performance boost, particularly when coupled with optifine.

And yes I have to do this manually since the option to download them in the launcher is always greyed out on every modpack (why is it even there?), but unlike the older version of tekkit, and even the latest of technic, it just sorta starts up and whitescreens... and whitescreens... and stays there till I say 'buck it' and close.

Now, I realize this isn't updated, what I'm wanting to know is 'is this crashing, or is it just taking an extra super long time to load up?'

Particularly because even with 'vanilla' tekkit it takes like, 20 seconds to go to the mojgang screen and another 30 on that to go to the main menu. (game seems to run fine though).

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I just tested updating it to 2.8.3, because I forgot it earlier to do. Thanks for the reminder. Unfortunally, I can't help you with your problem, but I can tell you it works just fine here. I suggest to be more patient and don't click away the white screen. Wait a little longer. I don't know what your computer specs are, but keep in mind that Tekkit does have loads of mods and it could be loading slow indeed, depending on your specs. I had a shitty PC before and I had to wait for about a few minutes or so. (And I've had many crashes with my old PC. With my new PC (and new Tekkit) I had none so far)

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