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Faster carts?


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Hi, I laid rail tracks going from my base to my friend's. I then assembled a steves cart - standard hull, seat, standard coal engine, brake handle.

The problem is that the cart is too slow to be useful as a passenger train. I tried using powered rails and it does speed it up but it loses momentum quickly. I can't afford to make everything powered.

Any ideas how I can speed up the cart? More engines? Redstone in motion?

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It is usually enough to place one Booster Track after 11 or so normal tracks, so the carts going along the track will stay accelerated. You can space the Boosters even further apart if resources are scarce, but carts will slow down somewhat in that case. Remember to supply Redstone signals to the Boosters, which can be done most efficiently (resource-wise) by using levers.


Maybe the Steve's Carts mod has some additional stuff you could use, but I never bothered with that and cannot give pointers.

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