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Multiverse in Tekkit 3.0.4

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I know this is an old thread, but I had a similar question.. mine is: How can you get tp pipes to work across worlds (is it possible)?

I am thinking of starting a server, and I plan to use multiverse (or similar plugin) so that we can have a nice(boring) flatland as the "homeworld" (build your house, store your resources, etc), and a mining world that will be deleted and recreated every 6 months or so (keeping the world size down a bit, and keeping ugly quarry holes from the homeworld)... but my testing so far has shown the tp pipes will not work from one world to another. I even tried rail anchors to keep the chunks loaded, the pipes just don't seem to connect.

Anyone able to get a similar setup to work?

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OK, I've been playing with this on my test server... I can get deployers with empty buckets to suck up fuel from a tank in one world, and load it into an enderchest that shows the contents in both worlds... but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the fuel buckets to dump into a tank in the second world so the empty buckets can return to grab more... Any ideas?

It would seem that deployers/buckets can take from a tank, but cannot add to one... unless I am missing something.

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