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more mods?

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Well, the server will take mods that are ported for bukkit. Therefore, you'll have to try bukkit repositories like MCPortCentral ( http://mcportcentral.co.za/wiki/index.php?title=Ports_for_1.2.5 ).

Once you install the mods you'll have to ensure you troubleshoot id conflicts and such but once that works, install the mods client-side, match up the ids, and play.

It a complicated process but if you dig, you'll find tutorials for how people added specific mods.

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The main issue is ensuring that everyone who is going to use your server has the client side mod installed and setup correctly. Other wise they will not be able to connect to your server and this only gets harder as the server population increases.

Beyond that their is nothing preventing you from adding more mods to your server other then the limits of minecraft and any potential compatibility issues.

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