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Freeze in playing attack of the b-team


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Hello, i'm a new user on this forum.


I have a problem with attack-of-the-team, I turn 40/50 fps but little freeze spoil me. Sometimes they are very big freeze. I have 64-bit java. 
Here is my config: 
OS: Windows 8 64 Bit 
Processor: Intel PentinuimCPU 2020m @ 2.40GHz (2 cpus) 
Memory: 675 GB 
Ram: 4 GB (3.90 gb usable) 
Graphics card (I have two): Intel HD Graphics (for small games) and Radeon HD 7670M (for big games) 
I think my computer can not tour mod pack but I shoot 50 fps without a freeze on modpack 128 mods. 
Thank you for the information I am French.
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