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project red upgrade chips


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So its my understanding that the lx/ly/lz and r upgrades can improve the speed of an inventory system, Ive made the chips but what do I do with them now ?


Been browsing google for about 20 minutes and cant see anything that explains them specifically - just basic tutorials on the transport system





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You have to create a router utility first. The pick the card to be upgraded and stuff them into the router utility. Then you add the upgrades desired and click install to upgrade the card.

From my  experience the only card it makes real sense is the extractor card from your inbox (if you have any). Requesting items usually go so fas that there is no need for that, but getting stuff into the system is usually slow.

One of the upgrades (i think L) reduces the time between item pick ups, while the other (most likely R) increases the amount of item being picked up.

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