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Plugin Incompatibility - Oh, if only...

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Just a quick note, I'm well aware of the fact that many plugins conflict with mods. Especially mods that alter the same mechanics that the plugins do. But when I saw this plugin I just had to try...

I was browsing through devbukkit and came across a plugin called Minecars. Basically, it turns minecarts into cars that can be "driven" on black wool. I thought, hot damn, that looks awesome. After another minute I thought, that would be bloody awesome in combination with railcraft. And then, I wonder if the two will work together.

So while I was waiting on my download to finish I was having delicious Minecraft dreams of skating around a racetrack Mariokart style and trying to hit the launcher rails for skymileage, and ignoring the exasperated little voice in my head reminding me that this sort of combination of plugins and mods almost never work. Much to my surprise, when I booted up the server, not only was the minecars plugin working, but when I put a cart down on a railcraft track-- it worked like a dream! I was so excited, I started whipping up a track right away...this was going to be awesome, I thought, like something straight out of the Nintendo playbook.

So I finished my track, grabbed myself a minecart, and prepared for some unadulterated Minecraft bliss.

And then I popped out of my minecart.

You see, in my excited stupor, I had only tested the mod's compatibility with the plugin with an *empty* minecart. It wasn't having it with me in the cart, no way, no how.

So now that all of my hopes and dreams have been shattered, I come to you, fellow Tekkit users, and ask: Have you ever fallen in love with a plugin at first sight only to have it break your heart in the long run when it turns out it interferes with your mods? Let's share our war stories. And maybe weep, just a little bit. Bitter, blocky minecraft tears.

Edit: Oh my goodness, I've managed to make them work together. Topic still relevant, however!

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I've somethind to test for you... Try putting a Tunnel bore on the tracks. In 2.1.1 I tested a minecart plugin (not sure if it was this one) and that one crashed my client when I did put a tunnel bore on the tracks. After that, I couln't login until I removed the plugin.

EDIT: I didn't remember what the plugin did when I wrote this reply. Now I remember. The main function why I tried the plugin I tested, was because it could hook minecarts together. In the new Tekkit, Railcraft itself does have this function now which is so cool! :D

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If it's the same plugin I had (TrainCarts, I think) then that one never did work for me. The world always crashed out when I placed any minecarts-- I'm glad railcraft added that feature.

The one I'm using now (Minecars) wasn't working because the config was set up so that minecarts would destroy themselves when they were placed on anything other than black wool or normal rails. Once I turned that off, I could use railcraft by itself, or minecars by itself with no problem...unfortunately they don't work in tandem though.

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