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bcic2 crossover

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I made a server using bukkit and ported mods from the wiki. I had installed bcic2 crossover. and wanted to install Power Converters. But could not make it work. No new items was added. and the server did not request power converters from the client side. I switched to tekkit. And now the power converter works. But tekkit does not come with bcic2 crossover. So i tried to add it manually. And now this addon does not load properly. And does not request bcic2 crossover from the client side. What i'm doing wrong ? I want to have the 2 addons on my server. Help ? thx

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I can see why you want to use this. I've just seen the showcase video and after that I installed it myself. It contains Electrical engines and a Buildcraft Minecraft Joules meter. Very nice. It's very simple if you didn't add loads of extra mods to Tekkit already. Be sure to use the right version! That's absolutely step one. On the minecraftforum thread of this mod there are serveral download links. Be sure you to use v1.28 client for MC 1.2.5, BC 2.2.14, and IC2 1.95b for the client and for the server you must use the v1.28 Bukkit unofficial port by halvors. Rename both the client and server files, so the file names will begin with a Z. After that, paste the proper files in your mod directory of the server and client and then use this configuration file I generated for both the server and client. The URL to the config file is here: http://www.multiupload.nl/1ZYCNKQTVR Put that in the config directories.

That configuration file is Forestry friendly and you MUST use it, because the mod uses block ids that are in use by Railcraft. If you follow my instructions correctly, you should be able to use this from now on. The other players of the server have to do this as well in their clients. Be aware of that and you'll be good to go.

At your service, I hope this helps.

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