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win 8.1 solution


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im  a n00b and didnt go deep enough into the forums i see this issue has been solved already mods go ahead and slap me and delete this post sorry




ok so i got a new computer with win 8.1 and surprise tekkit wouldnt work so i search the internet and tried all the fixs i could find still no joy then i had a spark of an idea

i deleted the java install which was java 8 and installed java 7 problem fixed


so if you like me got a new comp with win 8.1 theres the fix


hope this helps

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Well, the issue is only mentioned daily, so excuse bochen's sarcasm.


Is Java 8 bundled now with Win8, or somehow a default? That would be rather nasty along with this bug. Might be necessary to promote the hotfix more.

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Hi there


No, (Oracle) Java is not bundled with Microsoft Windows 8.1.

However, if you go and search for "java download" in google (or Bing AFAIK) it will lead you to the official site for Oracle Java and THERE it will by default offer you Java 8 (update 25 as of today).

Java 7 is somewhat hidden and you have to know it is still there. Additionally it has some warnings all around it about being EOL in early 2015 and not being updated for the general public anymore and being moved to the archives.


So I would guess that people (re)installing Java will likely end up with Java 8....because they simply do not know better.

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since java 8 is out there .. and is better than java 7 with a bunch of fixes and stuff.. oracle promotes java 8 when go on their website to download java they give you version 8 .. you need to go on oracle website and download from there the installer from the archieves.. :-) otherwise you might get stuck with 8 :-) and you will have no ideea.. why your tekkit .. // minecraft doesn't work

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