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:siren:This thread is still relevant today!:siren: Please review it before making your bug report!

If the instructions below are not clear enough for you to understand, please use Google to assist yourself. We can not babysit you, and

the solutions below assume you have a basic understanding of the computer you're using. If not, ask for help from someone who does, or your parents, or your friends, etc.


Q. Where is my Technic Launcher folder?

A. The default locations are as follows:

Windows: C:\Users\"User Name"\%AppData%\Roaming\.technic

Mac: "User Name"\Library\Application Support\technic

The folders may be hidden, so make sure to make hidden folders visible in your systems settings.

Google will tell you how.

You may have changed your install location. In order to find the path to the location, you can click the Gear in the upper right hand corner and see the install directory path. You can also click the Logs button to get you inside the folder.

Q. My Launcher starts up but there are no packs!

A. Your Launcher might not be able to connect to the net. Before you open it, try right clickng, and on the drop down menu select "run as admin". This is reported to have bypassed this issue. (Windows only)

Q. I crash a lot and my framerate is very poor!

A. Enable "Increase permgen size" in the launchers settings. Put your Ram allocation at 1-2 gigs.

Q. When I go to increase my RAM allocation in the launcher settings, it only goes up to 1 gig!

A. This is because your launcher is using 32 bit Java. If you have a 32 bit operating system then that is what you are limited to sorry. If you have a 64 bit system, download 64 bit Java. Minecraft will usually recognize the most recently installed Java and your memory options will be increased. (We don't recommend allocating more than 2GB however.)

Q. How do I add new packs?

A. Go to http://technicpack.net and click "Modpacks" at the top. Click "browse modpacks" to see the list. When you find one you're interested in, copy the platform url, open your launcher, click "add new modpack" and hit paste. You can change where you install the pack if you'd like, or you can just add it right away if you don't need to do that. Select it from your pack bar and launch.

Q. Where are the files for the different versions, Technic SSP, Tekkit, Yogbox and Vanilla?

A. They are all contained in their own folders inside the .technic folder. When a solution

includes "modpack name", it means go to the proper folder for the pack you are using.

Q. Where are the logs for reporting a problem?

A. The logs folder can be found by clicking the Gear in the upper right hand corner and then clicking the Logs button. If you cannot even open the launcher, to get to your logs you will have to go to your Technic Launcher folder (See first question) and then go into the /logs/ folder inside.

The logs are named techniclauncher_year-month-day so the latest one will be the current date. Please use the most relevant date of logs to report a problem. :siren:Please use pastebin.com service to post your log! Copy-pasting a full log text onto your thread is a mess! :siren: Copy-paste your log text onto pastebin and post the link in your bug report!

Q. How do I find out what bit version my Operating System is? (32 or 64)

A. This website shows how to find out your operating systems bit version:


(If this link is ever broken, please PM me)

Q. How do I tell what bit version of JAVA I have? (32 or 64)

A. This is a little trickier and there are many different ways depending on your OS.

Google will have to help you here. One possible way to find out if you don't have 64 bit JAVA is to load up

Vanilla Minecraft (Not using the Technic Launcher), and in the game options, turn the view distance to Far.

If you are using 32 bit JAVA, you will see a red error message. That will only come up if Minecraft is using

32 bit Java. A thing to note, if you have a 64 bit OS, it is perfectly fine to have both versions of Java installed.

Most web browsers use 32 bit Java, and Minecraft will default to 64 bit if you have it.

Q. The launcher stops in the middle of downloading the mods.

A. If your AV is not on this list it could still potentially cause problems. Just like any software, we recommended you disable your AV while installing and running your launcher for the first time to avoid issues.

These Antivirus programs are known to cause issues when downloading the launcher.

  • AVG
  • Norton
  • McAfee
  • Avira Because of user input, Avira has apparently fixed the false positive. Update your AV.

If you are using one of these you will have to disable them or set the Technic Launcher as an exception in order to install it. They block it by default since they don't recognize it (of course). If that doesn't work, uninstall those terrible anti-virus programs and get one that doesn't get in your way constantly. We recommend if you're paying for any of the above AV's to stop immediately, uninstall them, and get a better AV. Microsoft Security Essentials, or Avast! are two completely freeAV's that work far better then all of the above. MSE especially I can vouch for, having used it for years.

Q. TMI doesn't work!

A. I'm sorry to hear it! Good thing TMI isn't in the technic pack. Perhaps you're thinking of NEI?

Q. Fine! NEI doesn't work!

A. Actually, it does. See this thread for more information.


Q. I get an error that says "Can't find JAVA directory".

A. This is a Java issue. The most common cause is using 32 bit Java. If your Operating system is 64 bit, make sure you update to the latest 64 bit version of Java. Links onwww.technicpack.net.

You're most likely using the incorrect bit version of JAVA, or it isn't up to date. Find out if you need the

64 bit version of JAVA and then go to www.technicpack.net and use the JAVA download links.

Read further up the list for how to determine the bit version of your OS or JAVA.

Q. I've tried everything but I still can't get it to work with my 32 bit OS.

A. Not sure what to tell you. A temporary fix could be to use the .jar instead of the .exe which seems to work

for most people. If we manage to isolate a common cause to 32 bit OS issues then we'll update with a real fix.

Q. I am on a mac and my game is crashing after launching a modpack

A. a workaround for this has been posted in this thread: http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/mac-os-x-nothing-starts-up-temporary-launcher-fix.49661/.

[More problems and solutions will be added in the future. This list is subject to change.]

Thank you to Zebrin for starting the original FAQ thread.

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Q. Technic Launcher wont launch on Mac?

A. Java 9, 10, 11 and 12 does not work with Forge and Technic Launcher. You need to follow the Manual or Script instructions to remove it

Script 1. Close the Technic Launcher. It cannot be running!

2. Download this file: https://download.uskarian.net/scripts/mac-delete-java9.command

3. Open terminal 4. Copy and paste:

chmod +x ~/Downloads/mac-delete-java9.command

5. Copy and paste:

sudo ~/Downloads/mac-delete-java9.command

If it asks you for your password then type in your password. You will not see text being entered as your type, but it is being entered! Once you've typed your password hit enter on your keyboard.

6. Download Java SE Development Kit 8u211 from http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk8-downloads-2133151.html

7. Install the jdk-8u211-macosx-x64.dmg you just downloaded.

OR Manual

1. Close the Technic Launcher. It cannot be running!

2. Open terminal 3. Copy and paste:

sudo rm -rf /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk-{9,10,11,12}*.jdk/

If it asks you for your password then type in your password. You will not see your password being entered as your type, but it is being entered! Once you've finished typing your password hit enter on your keyboard. 4. Copy and paste:

sudo rm -rf Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin

5. Copy and paste:

sudo rm -rf /Library/PreferencePanes/JavaControlPanel.prefPane

6. Download Java SE Development Kit 8u211 from http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk8-downloads-2133151.html

7. Install the jdk-8u211-macosx-x64.dmg you just downloaded.


Q. I can't join my server I just made? it says "mismatched IDs between world and game"?


A. usually this can be resorted to checking if your modpack on the launcher and the one on the server is running the exact same modpack version. But there is also an issue with language locale for users from Turkey and Italy? (need more confirmation on this!)

If your computer's language is set to Turkish you will get this error because of the alphabet.

Please do the following if you are from Turkey or your computer's language is set as such;

1.) Close the Technic launcher. Do not leave it running!

2.) Please download this file: https://download.uskarian.net/scripts/turkish-java-env-vars.bat

3.) Right Click on the file you just downloaded

4.) Click on Run as Administrator

5.) Make sure the script ran successfully

6.) Press any key to close the script

7.) Start the launcher again.

Please consider changing your computer's language to english, this will help in any future tech issues that you may get as most of the internet's solutions will be provided on that language!

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