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How do I install more mods into the Tekkit Modpack?

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I'm running the Tekkit modpack from Technic, and want to know how  I can add more mods onto it?

The mods I want to add are Biomes o' Plenty and Dr. Zhao's Animal Mod.

(I'm on a mac btw)


Thanks in advance!

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If you modify your Tekkit by adding or removing mods, you will be running a custom modpack. Which receives no support, so you are on your own regarding any problems that might arise. You can ask kindly on Platform Pagoda if you need advice or want to discuss custom packs in general.


As for the actual doing, you need to find a Minecraft 1.6.4-compatible version of your mod. As the mod world has moved on, this might become increasingly difficult already. You then just drop it into the mods directory, and resolve any arising block ID issues. I am not paraphrasing the details here, as the hows and ifs of this are among the most frequently-asked questions on the Intarwebs.

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Adding/ removing mods is pretty simple. Just install the mod like normal, but put the file into the tekkit mod folder instead of your vanilla folder.

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