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Moved from Cafe Lame, which is for general MC discussion, to Requests.

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    • By baghdad73
      tekkit legends is fully downloaded, but every time i click play, the minecraft screen pops up, but its just blank and nothing happens ( i.e. the game wont start or play) and after a abouut 30 seconds the game closes
    • By Tlumba65
      So everytime i try to download legend of hoodie modpack it says error downloading the file for the mod im doing

    • By Drachi
      Hello All!
      This is my first open server. 9 Spaces I just want people to join and test, it's a bit of a home project.
      Please just join and have a good time.
      Server Address:
      One rule, no griefing other players stuff.
      Have fun!
    • By imoe400
      So I am trying to start my downloaded modpacks but it wont. It just loads, closes the launcher and then the launcher pops back up.
      Pls Help 
      logs in the Files.
    • By Zumpel
      Explore&More combines the realism of Minecraft mods, like Pam's Harvestcraft, Mo' Creatures and the ShaderMod
      with adventure and explore elements like Thaumcraft, Project Zulu and The Twilight Forest!
      Server files are already included! 
      The modpack is experimental and could crash!
      Download and Modlist
      You can find a list of the mods and the download links here!
      I hope you enjoy the modpack and have fun with it!