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Technic Launcher Not Downloading Modpacks | Minecraft Launcher Not Downloading Packs



I am asking on behalf of my friend with autism.

So we downloaded the Minecraft Launcher from the official website, installed and ran. It experienced issues download/installing the latest version of Minecraft.

Luckily, from my computer, I backed up the need Minecraft files into a .zip file and shared that with him. Vanilla Minecraft works and runs.

From there, went on Technic Launcher. Vanilla Minecraft won't download and install. Neither will my modpack.

His Technic Launcher has an issue actually downloading and installing modpacks. Even the official ones.


  • We have turned firewall off.
  • We have uninstalled and reinstalled Minecraft Launcher.
  • We have deleted Minecraft and Technic files from %appdata%, as well as using CCleaner to remove any extras.
  • We have uninstalled 64-bit Java and redownloaded and reinstalled 64-bit Java.


What could be a possible fix for this issue?

Has anyone else experienced such an issue?

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