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[1.10.2][Stardew Galaxy][21 Slot][125+ Mods][Grief Protection & Garden of Glass Skyblocks]

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Today I increased the number of /ftb sethomes from 1 to 5 so if you play with friends not only can you tpa but you can visit them any time or other dimensions with ease.

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    • By Crestor
      Pax Industria
      Pax Industria is a relatively new server a few friends and I play on, and we're looking for a few more people to join us.  We enjoy building monumental structures, exploring the world, light role playing, and lore crafting.  If you're interested in creating a township or city, exploring a dangerous world, trading goods between settlements as a merchant, practicing multiple kinds of magic, or creating a large industrial complex, this is the server for you.  
      If you have any other questions, feel free to join our Discord server.
      Server Rules:
      No griefing or stealing No cheats, hacks, exploits, etc. - this includes x-raying PvP is allowed, but must be agreed upon by any involved parties Respect other players' land and buildings - towns and plots of land are player-controlled, so don't build extremely close to another player, unless explicit permission has been given. Don't advertise other servers or modpacks Respect the moderators and administrators  
    • By GENIXGaming
      Server Connection Info:
      Server Is currently being moved
      Modpack Page:
      Modpack Description:
      The Top Factory Modpack is a Tech based Modpack using a more updated version of Minecraft rather than using 1.7.10. The mod pack uses popular updated mods as well as new mods that you have probably never have seen before.
      This Modpack is made for the people who want to build big Factory's, Industrial Plants, and more.
      There is an Official Server, when you load the Modpack just click multiplayer and it will show.
      Server Rules:
      Respect the Freedoms and Rights of other players.
      Respect the Staff of the Server.
      Play fair and keep the game fun for everyone.
      Do not grief others, verbally or physically.
      Do not cheat, abuse or otherwise glitch.
      Do not abuse in game mechanics or plugins.

    • By Phanta
      It's a nether pack. Expect lava.
      Show me the goods! 🡺
    • By 1.10.2 - Tech & Magic
      Modpack Installation:
    • By Gunner_Bones
      I'm making a modpack for 1.10.2 but It will not load in technic. Here is the log:
      I am currently allocating 5GB of RAM and using latest Java. A friend has also tried to download this pack and when they loaded it they got the exact same error.
      I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Direct download of the pack here
      Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Gunner