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Can't open modpacks please help!


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    • By TriDeapthBear
      I am trying to create a modpack and I have the file for the minecraft files in a zip file. It loads fine, but when I load it up, instead of having mods, its just vanilla. It is version 1.2.5. Please help thanks!
    • By JoeyTheNeko
      i don't know why but every time i try to lode/play a mod it lunches it but then it kicks me straight out back to the launcher page. it never don't that before but when my pc updated to windows 10 it just kicks me out and idk what to do....i tried reinstalling the launcher but it didn't work... what I'm i doing wrong?? i really need help.
    • By MostMars
      So I made a modpack with a couple of mods in it but the modpack is not mounting the mods to the game.
      I can download the modpack just fine, but its not installing the mods... ill send my modpack below
    • By SonicSlayer010
      So I own a tekkit legends server and I'm trying to put in the factions plugin but even when I put in the 1.7.10 version or the latest version it just doesn't show in /pl. How do I get it to work????
    • By NekuFTW
      So... basically I when I join Discord it says my code is invalid or expired I searched this up and apparently it could be a ban. I did read through the rules I do not think I broke one If I did I am deeply sorry as I am new to this Discord thing. If I have been banned for an authentic reason then I am sorry and I will not bother you any longer I would just request a reason why this is happening. (My Discord name I believe is Neku)