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Can't open modpacks please help!


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    • By redfoxrommy
      i place a phace teleport pipe frome buildcraft .than i right click on it to open its guı and game crash. i cant open my save. i can load other save but this not.
      here is error report. i need help pls. tnx also i am using 64 bit java letes ver. crafh report says ( think ) problem in aditiniol pipes . any solution
      Mod Edit: Removed wall of text error message.  Please pastebin this type of thing.

      in case .
    • By Doggy888_New
      Today my friends told me they were playing minecraft again, at first I just laughed, then realised I had nothing to do. I tried loading technic however this did not work. I fully installed technic then reinstalled it and it worked fine. I then tried to install hexxit and it seemed to be going fine, I loaded it up but it wasn't responding so I reloaded it and then it crashed and I got a crash report....
      Any assisstance given I will be extremely grateful for.
      (two crash reports as it crashed 2 times)
    • By TriDeapthBear
      I am trying to create a modpack and I have the file for the minecraft files in a zip file. It loads fine, but when I load it up, instead of having mods, its just vanilla. It is version 1.2.5. Please help thanks!
    • By JoeyTheNeko
      i don't know why but every time i try to lode/play a mod it lunches it but then it kicks me straight out back to the launcher page. it never don't that before but when my pc updated to windows 10 it just kicks me out and idk what to do....i tried reinstalling the launcher but it didn't work... what I'm i doing wrong?? i really need help.
    • By MostMars
      So I made a modpack with a couple of mods in it but the modpack is not mounting the mods to the game.
      I can download the modpack just fine, but its not installing the mods... ill send my modpack below