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  1. OppositeNote 21 I used to play quite regularly, started back when Tekkit Classic was the main tekkit,and have been on a couple of servers since. I haven't really played in the past year or so but I feel like beginning again I want to join because this seems like a nice server, without an overly expensive donation system to be allowed to place quarrys and such
  2. IGN: OppositeNote Name: Alexander (Alex) Experience with mods: I'm not too sure, I started playing back on Tekkit Classic, then played on a few servers for some years (Big Dig, Tekkit Classic/Tekkit Main, some custom modpacks, ...) but haven't really played in the past year or so. Why you want to join us: I'm looking for a nice friendly server that isn't too big, this one seems very good
  3. I'm all for the update, as said above it shouldn't be too hard to learn to play with the limitations, it worked in the Tekkit Classic days, so it should work out just fine now as well, given everyone helps with this
  4. Just wanted to let you all know, I won't be on for the rest of this week, the soonest I'll be back is sunday, probably monday. I'm currently on vacation in Portugal with some friends, but the internet in the house we rented is depressingly slow, just watching a video on youtube takes about half an hour of buffering (on 240p). It's so slow I can't even log in to the server (believe me, I tried, but it doesn't work). After that I'll be on occasionally, but I won't be very active until after the holiday, with festivals and other irl stuff taking up too much of my time One more example on how slow the internet is here: just opening the forums took over 5 minutes. *sigh* Luckily there's a pool, so that pretty much cancells it out
  5. Personally I've been working for the party of our Chiro (kinda like your boyscouts, only with older members as well, and more beer ) So yeah, the party is friday, but it's in a tent, meaning we have to set up a metric sh*t ton of stuff (e.g. generator, fences, floor, the tent itself, ...) The result of this is that I won't be on much all this week, and probably not next week either, since we have to take everything that we set up back down. AND as if that's not enough: I'm gonna start a tiny little vanilla server with some irl friends to just make an awesome build, so I'm gonna have to split my Minecraft playtime between that server and this one, but fear not! I will not be gone forever
  6. I vote for a regen as well, if it's regenerated I'd start playing a bit more again, I didn't like my baseand have been thinking on how to build the new one
  7. hi all! after a long while, I'm back! I've been having some trouble lately (both with my pc and irl stuff I had to take care of), but now everything's solved, so you'll be seeing me some more again I'm also playing some tf2 with friends though, so I won't be all too active, but I'm gonna jump on the server when I have time
  8. I can't seem to login, i get this error saying "Failed to login: java.io.IOException: Server returned HTTP response code: 503 for URL:" and then a really long url... Is this clientside or is the server down? EDIT: nvm, problem's gone
  9. I know it's a little early, but I won't be home all of tomorrow so I'll just say it now: Happy New Year Everyone! I hope you all have a great night and you can all happily start the new year, may 2014 be as good as 2013, or even better!
  10. I don't know if you have to reapply, that's up to the admins/mods, but I don't have a problem with my username showing up in a vid, so if it's up to me you can go ahead (ofcourse, if any admins/mods are against it, imagine I never said that )
  11. Tub, however much I'd like to join you all on this quest, I will not be able to, where I live, it's around 12 o'clock in the noon. At this time I will be at school, or on my way from school to my home, which unfortunately means that I will not be able to play (since I'm in class and my teachers are quite attentif) or I won't even be able to be on the interwebs. Anyways, I wish you all the best of luck, and I hope the Resilience Squad will be able to defeat this big black reptile (aka The Dragon)! Enjoy ;)
  12. Just thought I'd let you guys know: I won't be on for a little while, I'm a bit tired of Tekkit atm. I've been switching between some mindless PS3 shooters (e.g. CoD Black Ops 2, Brink, ...) and a single player build (the plan is to make a big castle in an extreme hills biome, surrounded by independent towers, eacht with an underground city, a factory etc.) BUT, I will be back! See y'all soon (or maybe not so soon, my ideas for the ssp world have growing and growing)
  13. awesome! I'm very happy to see the community won't die expect to see me online pretty soon :D
  14. That. Is. Awesome! I'm really looking forward to it and I think a custom modpack might indeed solve (some of) the issues with tekkit and stuff. Hope I'll see y'all soon then