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  1. For the actual mods individually, he would (unfortunately) have to look at, in their mods section. By and large, technic is for modPACKS rather than individual mods.
  2. Okay, it looks like you have the installer for Dimensional Doors in there, you're going to need to grab the manual install version of that mod, or find out where the installer puts things when it runs, and grab them directly.
  3. Okay, right off the bat, there shouldn't be anything in the coremods folder, everything goes in "mods"
  4. Well, im getting a 404, so you might want to double check that it's in your actual public folder
  5. I just built a small pack for my friends and i, and i tested it thoroughly on my own minecraft install, so i know that there's nothing wrong with the files or with intercompatability. However, when i try to launch the pack through the technic launcher, i get an error unzipping. After testing the pack with each mod individually, i found that the source of the error was millenaire, and that zipping up millenaires content folders removed the error, but stopped the game from recognizing the mod. Is there a trick to making it get along with the launcher?
  6. Did you download a forge server and put the voltz mods in it? The server has to be modded too...
  7. The difficulty in this game is downright dumb. 3 sectors in, and i keep encountering one of three things, either a heavily armed pirate ship at a sun, a boarding crew of 6 mantises, or a ship with so much dodge that i can't break its shields. "easy mode" my ass.
  8. Okay, so there's no real information there, can you post the location where your is posted.
  9. Just a quick question, I can't get to that page for some reason, but is Millenaire supposed to be included in that pack?
  10. You should try checking your spambox, or if that doesn't work, you may want to sign up using gmail.
  11. I can install millenaire just fine manually with this set of mods. It's not intercompatability. The problem is definitely something with how the file hierarchy works with the technic launchers unzipping thingamabob.
  12. Rotarycraft is fun once you figure out how it works.
  13. I just went through and completely reconstructed the pack from my resources, I made sure that i didn't have the minecraft.jar in there, and I'm still getting the parsing error while unzipping the pack. I even used a different compression tool this time. EDIT: Okay, so i went through, and pushed a version of the pack every time I introduced a mod, and Millenaire is causing the problem. Could it have something to do with the fact that the contents of the "put in mods folder" are not, themselves, zip files? EDITAGAIN: So, that's what was causing the unzipping errors. Unfortunately, zipping the folders up (both individually, and as a group) causes the game to not see millenaire for some reason. I guess i'll just have to do without millenaire... q.q
  14. There's no forge log because the game itself doesn't start up, it throws an error while still unzipping the pack. Here's what the launcher log has to say about it though.
  15. Hi there, I'm having a problem with my modpack, and was hoping you could chip in with some advice. Here's the pack,, and the zip itself is downloaded from What's happening, as you'll likely see, is that it's successfully finding and downloading the file, and unzipping most of it, but eventually it throws an error about not being able to parse an element.