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  1. Mensrea's PvP servers are among the best in the world and I'd strongly encourage anyone wanting quality to check this place out.
  2. Any chance you could add the Followers of the Cosmic Toad to the sanctus kingdoms list. Call it Cosmicus Toadus. Also, for the benefit of those interested in the server, the Cosmic Toad needs more worshippers
  3. I've been rather curious why Minecraft servers in general always seem to gravitate towards two general server models: anarchy, and pure PvE, and yet very few try to strike a balance between the two models. On most PvP servers, the populace will, quite sensibly, set up hidden under ground bases and pursue one of three activities on the server: scamming, fighting in arenas/pvp areas, and raiding the bases of people who are offline. Meanwhile, the populace on PvE servers will spend most of their time doing stuff that could be just as easily done in singleplayer, and occasionally pa
  4. What is the war system on this server exactly? Are the rules/goals of war agreed to by its participants, or is there a set system for the entire server?
  5. Lol does the mudpack include mud I've almost made that mistake so many times.
  6. My new computer is prepped for battle old friend. Tolgoi and Athabasca will be coming back right? I seem to remember Mensrea having people rename the IW folder in the installation process. Have you guys resolved or encountered that issue?
  7. To me the server's that run the modpacks define the ups/downs in it. If a mod is op or just stupid in general than the servers can disable it, resulting in a fun experience. The mod that always irritated me the most was Voltz. This modpack definitely has a lot of potential, but it's most fun stuff (particle accelerators, force fields, etc) always took absolutely op amounts of resources to construct. Maybe people who don't have a life are fine with this but it annoys me. As for least favorite modpack I'd have to say Hexxit because of its bugs. Many servers disable some its mods such as
  8. An idea came to me on the topic of anti-cheat plugins a while back and I wondered why a system like what I'm suggesting hasn't been implemented. Couldn't a small program be tacked on to the MC launcher which cross checks the client files with an established list of cheat files. An "if" statement which checks for the presence of a file and then modifies a Boolean variable based on the presence or lack thereof of cheat files should not be too hard to implement. The value of the said Boolean variable could be in the list of profile information which the client sends to the server. Since this
  9. Might there be any wars happening on this server? I'm seeking a server with a large scale town vs. town experience.
  10. IGN: halitosisman AGE: 16 HAVE I GOTTEN BANNED: nope WHY DO I WANT TO PLAY: I'm interested in some warfare. HOW WELL DO I KNOW THE MODS: For the most part, I'm new to the modpack, however, I am familiar with a few of its mods. WHY SHOULD I BE LET ON: Warfare tends to liven things up and encourage activity. HOW OFTEN WILL I BE ON: As often as I am able.
  11. Will it be returning at some point?
  12. Again thanks for the input. I didn't really expect a lot of new high quality mods anyways. I was simply exploring my options.
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