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  1. I just bolded and fixed every spelling error and missed capitalization that I could see. I don't know exactly how the punctuation should go, so I didn't even try to fix it, but that's an awful lot of bold words.
  2. I managed to get all the way to the final sector! Then an enemy - not the boss, just some random drone - kicked my ass. I probably deserve it for running out of missiles.
  3. But the only air was in the rooms with people, and even if I let the air out, the fires would just come back as soon as I let the air come back on!
  4. I did. The oxygen was only in the rooms with people, and the fires were only in the rooms with oxygen.
  5. So I bought the game, played through the tutorial, and got started. Everything was going great until I went into a system with solar flares. Everything did not CATCH fire. No, no, everything WAS fire. I ended up ragequitting about 5 seconds before my last guy died in a fire while suffocating because I panicked and turned the oxygen off and it STILL didn't get rid of the inexplicable fires.
  6. gah, yes. I always think that LV is 16 EU/t for some reason.
  7. If you can get one, yeah. It'll make 20 EU/t, so you need a transformer if you're using a batbox. It uses lava buckets (unstackable, but I'm fairly sure you keep the buckets) or lava cells (stackable, but you lose the cell), which means it's not exactly the easiest thing in the world to use.
  8. No, don't bother with wind. It's terrible. Geothermals are awesome if you can get lava cells for them. I've never tried water.
  9. Actually, this is more efficient: 3 HV Solar Panels > MFSU > MV transformer > LV transformer > Energy link. Much less wasted cable.
  10. And for those of us without Minecon capes and uncles with enchanting tables, all you get is a cauldron and a sword.
  11. And if I've done this right, a map is 1568852x1568852 chunks across before you get to where the far lands used to be. I'm pretty sure that the playable area is waaaaay more than that now, but I could be wrong. There's no way you'll ever end up using all that.
  12. I use EE with a simple rule: I put an item in, I take the same item out. This is mostly because I'd need ungodly amounts of diamond chests to store the ice that my ice machine creates, but convert it to Red Matter (or tungsten) and it's possible to store. There is no magic ice from a torch, a collector, and a condenser.
  13. Put tubes into the top of the machine for input, the bottom of the machine for power (you're usually better off just connecting it to a batbox/MFE/MFSU though), and pull the output from the sides. If it doesn't work, cry.
  14. You might want to install an actual OS, rather than a text file called "end of stream on my server always". That'd probably help.
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