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  1. Henry and Tharja from Fire Emblem: Awakening. Henry is a completely crazy dark mage, and laughs manically as he slaughters people (and makes bad jokes). Tharja is creepy, uses with dark magic, and is obsessed with, openly stalks your avatar (MyUnit). Even if you marry Tharja, (yes, people can marry in this game) she still is obsessed with your avatar, and usually prefers the avatar over her husband.
  2. Wish granted, but now you've caused an impossible occurrence, causing the universe to undo the event to keep itself intact. I wish for my troops in XCOM not to panic.
  3. Weirleader, you should make a guide on this. You could just copy and paste what you wrote before with a few adjustments, but I know that someone else is going to ask once this thread gets buried under the other ones.
  4. Ratchet and Clank: Deadlocked. The game is short if you just slide by, but with all the challenges and all the difficulties you can play it on, it's a blast. So much better co-op though, which is interesting for a ratchet and Clank considering All-For-One got a lot of negative feedback.
  5. Probably wouldn't have been able to anyways, but that does save some time
  6. Thanks guys for da help. Now I just need the IP...
  7. I am pretty new to League of Legends, and I am looking for a champion that would fit my playstyle. I'm looking for a champion kinda like Ashe, except not as used, and a little bit different abilities. Can anyone help me out?
  8. This is not the bug thread. You should post your problem there and make this thread "Please Delete This!" before a mod sees it.
  9. I want one. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198078733454. I knew people in plaid kilts were awesome.
  10. I got banned on the forums for "CAN'T READ". I understand my mistake, and I am not (directly) asking to get un-banned, but please make it clearer that all applications for the server, and joining quantum comes with the application. I (and probably many others too) Thought that meant you had to apply for the company separatly, which is understandable considering how big the company is. I got saved by spell check again, more times than I did on my application....
  11. You could put code saying that the amulet or philosophers stone generated the water/lava quickly mine the stone then place the cobblestone, and link the player to the tool to the block. Also, air IS a block, and say it was somehow placed on an air block because of an exception with the mod. That would fix the no "change-block" log, placing with something else so no stack in hand, and messy aftermath.
  12. One of the reasons I play technic 1.2.5 is because of EE2, and I want to use overpowered things to make myself feel powerfull. But they should add some less overpowered stuff to substitute for all the items taken away.
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