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  1. After we're done, want to hang out on andrew's server? :P

    1. lukeb28


      If I can ever get it to work on my machine sure! Would you be interested in cheeking out the server I run?
    2. Sourpowerpete


      I don't see why not.
  2. Yes, I know this. Now do you have a reliable source to show me?
  3. Do you mind posting a source so I can see it?
  4. Yes, your right, I did not see that point. Why don't I say the more major modders are there. Also, how do you know (I'm honestly asking how do you know) that that was just a one time thing? How do you know the EU guys weren't being rude first and only telling one side of the story? Also, the EU modpack is still in the launcher, I don't know if that says anything or not. If I'm sounding extremely stubborn, let me know, as all I'm doing is trying to hear both sides.
  5. Depends on how you look at it. When it comes to the modders, they all now hang out on forgecraft to discuss their mods and how they work together with each other. That side if left alone is fine by itself, and is happy talking about the recent changes to mods and modding. If you're talking about the fights between the technic/tekkit and FTB community, then yeah, totally falling apart at the hinges. I can't say I'm happy about the password leak either.
  6. I don't think you can blame me much when I say that I REALLY really really want to avoid making a modpack myself. I hope that's understandable for obvious reasons.
  7. That sounds fairly amazing. I'll be waiting to see that.
  8. Most of the FTB players hated Gregtech, so you're definitely not alone. :)
  9. Wow this is pretty cool. I will definitely try this out.
  10. Tekkit has this portion (or should I say chunk) of players who use the modpack, and just about everyone else stays as far away from it as possible.
  11. Did you make sure it's placed on one of the corners of the marked out area? That should fix it. If not, then I don't know what the problem is.
  12. I am absolutely, horribly exhausted right now, and I honestly don't feel like purposely going into an argument right now. Call me names, get bragging rights, you won, whatever. Maybe tomorrow we can have the debate, but real life happens. I don't feel like explaining what happened, but just take my word for it, I'm done for now.
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