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  1. Oh one last thing sorry for the triple post, I have skype email and a phone So if you need to contact me i am available.
  2. Has the server closed?! I would be very dissapointed if it has.
  3. Minecraft Username: MRUNTOUCHABLE1, despite the username I am very touchable a little wrong but for the fun of it ~butter~ Time Zone: GMT 10+ Im from Australia! Reason for Applying: 99.9% of the time i have been looking for a dedicated tekkit server and quite frankly Ive found nothing but Grief/Raid and this annoys me greatly I enjoy tekkit quite alot and I have yet to find a good server and this looks like a good one! Do you plan on staying:I plan to yes and if its ok record a youtube series? And this is the perfect series!! Opinion on Explosions:I like building things not de-building and I hate griefing someone Are you a nice person:Yes i am! but if i get greifed im not a happy camper. Despite my avatar (please ignore) I am not a troll and never will be!
  4. ING: Mr or mrun How would you moderate this server? I will prevent bad things from happening which will affect the in-game exprience and Help any plays in a reasonable way without damaging the server What is your experience as a moderator? I am a owner of two servers i spend alot of time working on them but now i have hired people to do my work and i am moderators on 5 different servers What timezone are you in? Eastern Standard Time(EST) (Australia).
  5. This is the shittest server because of this Rules ================================================================= 1. No hacking 2. No spamming 3. No advertising 4.Be respectful 5. No swearing ================================================================= Banned Items ================================================================= - Gem Armor (Overpowered) - Quantum Armor (Overpowered) - Red Matter Armor (Overpowered) - Dark Matter Armor (Overpowered) - Archangel's smite (We allow grief not rape) - Swiftwolf Rending Gale (Flying pvp :3) - Nuke (We allow grief not rape) - Nova Bomb (We allow grief not rape)
  6. It says end of stream... i wanted to play on this but then again you have colllege so message me if you can tell me whats happend BTW i like your profile pic :D
  7. can the house be saved if the server resets

  8. Zlepper can i talk to you in private please

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