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  1. Name: Issac Ign: LordCrazyes Age: 16 Discord Name: LordCrazyes Im looking for a small but good community to enjoy this modpack with, and hoping to make some new friends here as well. P.S- the discord server isn't working. I tried to click on the button up top, and it said failed to load as of a result of it being invalid.
  2. 1. Your age 14 2. What would be your goal on the server? To become the servers best manufacture/factories man! 3. Why should be whitelist you?I am a friendly man that LOVES tekkit and tekkit classic. I support others too, to their goals. 4. Your IGN Lordcrazyes
  3. IGN Lordcrazyes Age (Be truthful!) 14, i am responsible and help out other people and is not a big a hole in all. What makes you want to join this server? To be on a attack of the b-team server where it is not always crowded and have a very good community. What could you bring to the server? Help to other players, helping the community supporting and having fun with others. Skype - lordcrazyes95
  4. I Would love to join your server. My ign: is Lordcrazyes i will also add you to skype!
  5. This is a Attack of the b team server forum only got to the ftb server forum to post there!
  6. Username:Lordcrazyes Age (Please don't lie even though I have no way to find out):14 Any previous bans and why:none What you are going to contribute:To help others and have a very good time in a nice community. Any additional things you think I should know:I love to build up towns and love to manage.
  7. Hi may i join my IGN is: Lordcrazyes I wanted to get on a server like this.
  8. Age: 14 I am very Mature, and respect everyone even if they are wrong or bad. I do follow the rules and have very good grades. I am very efficient with what i do and love to play on very nice community's of the Minecraft Universe. Experience: I don't have too much experience with the mod pack, but i do love to watch Paulsoaresjr and ChimmnySwift when they upload videos of attack of the b-team and know some things. How often you'll be playing:Mostly 5hours a day but ion 4th of july i wont be on because of Independence day. so Where you are from: America Eastern near New York.
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