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  1. well since when ever im on no staff is IGN bones7056 if i can be greylisted it would be nice
  2. hey guys im the newest trial mod just sayin hey i have no life so im almost always on
  3. wait anyone know klingon?
  4. i heard something about some changes this weekend and hints to what they may be? :P
  5. dont pick him i was a mod on another server and had to ban him bc he griefed
  6. IGN bones7056 age 19 tekkit lite yes and tiny tekkiread the rules? nope
  7. yeah yours is 1.5 and its 6.5 u only missed 10 updates u might want to say that
  8. hey i made a few people vets if u can show me u deserve it then u will given it
  9. hey everyone. now a mod just letting you know
  10. hey generic bum greiefed Doc i confronted him after him giving away 100 UU matter and he didnt even have a mass fab, he admitted it, i told him to leave, he did but he can come back at any time so plz ban him