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  1. That's pretty cool. I imagine you may get (or end up getting) a lot of these coming in. Just curious on how it handles duplicate information, or even just the same md5 several times with different information. Do you have to manually override one or the other each time?
  2. Hey Zlepper, I was poking around the code a little bit and make a few UI changes. Was a bit curious on how the GitHub process works so I created an account and forked your project, then pushed my changes to the fork. This looks like it should be easier to review over any suggestions I may have as instead of sending local copies. Also I made a pull request you your project with my changes for your review, the changes were fairly minor usability differences. Would love to help on the project, even if it is for minor things.
  3. Hey, I took a look at your tool and loved what it did, but I found me wanting even more automation. The first attempt was to generate MySQL scripts with it but MySQL has issues with conditionals. The thought of directly integrating into your tool for the SQL wasn’t appealing as it would make it much less portable for data inserts. So instead of relying on the generated MySQL or direct SQL inserts scripts I tweaked the program a little to dump a csv file. Which is then read into a PHP script that inserts the appropriate data into MySQL. This script can be re-run without creating duplicate recor
  4. Yes this is indeed fixed now. Thank you for the assistance
  5. Yea, I'm also getting this error.. it seems to me that its related to the whole fact that the drop box URL ends with ?dl=1 instead of .zip. but this was working before today. It's like someone added a validation to check and see if the url ends with .zip rather then if the URL downloads a zip file. I made a test modpack with my same drop box url minus the ?dl=1 and it accepted it. However this doesn't work because on dropbox that only brings you to a web page with a button to download the file not the actual file itself.So if any one can fix this it would be great. Cheers
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