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  1. Nope! I had that on VANILLA minecraft, simply reinstall. Edit: AND I HAVE A MAC
  2. I'd suggest Mediafire, or dropbox, even though mediafire isn't direct its pretty fast, and dropbox I use too, its really.
  3. OK Follow these steps: You might already know this...... They fixed the Java 7 glitch! So now, all you have to do for this fix is: REDOWNLOAD THE LAUNCHER! Yep, its that simple! No downloading anything else then Technic! Spread the word!! CYA!!
  4. Orrrrrr, look at my post: http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/technic-launcher-mac-java-7-fix.53627/ or read it here... Hey guys! I'm bringing you the simplest Tekkit fix for Mac Java 7! I personally have mac and java 7, and I accidentally deleted one of the old fixes, that works for the latest version and stuff... so I decided to try to find out my own way! And I found out the latest, way, and I've been trying to get this to work for over 6 months now, so, here it is for you mac lovers! You might already know this...... They fixed the Java 7 glitch! So now, all you have to do fo
  5. In-game name: BrianHernando Age: Nine Time Zone: GMT Have you ever been banned? Please post your result here: Yes, twice, no once. Well kinda. One on ocmc.me for 'griefing with lava and fire?' Ok, I was disposing my stuff, I had like 5000000 dirt, so I placed lava, does that really count? And another server. Forgot the IP. It was for 'can i ban u? plz, plz, plz, ok i will anyway!' It wasn't quite a ban, they banned the person who banned me though I forgot the ip. What is your Tekkit experience?: I've been playing tekkit for a LONNGNGGNGNGNG time. I've been playing for about a year now. My best
  6. Its not a Virus, trust me, and McAFee is the worst AntiVirus you can get! Its the worst, plus, if you have a mac and you run it (If its not a .exe) then it'll still say 'You're PC is in trouble!' Just ignore it, turn it off, AntiVirus are the worst, and Mac For the win because MacKeeper is the best and its only for MAC. Bwahahaaha!
  7. Launcher Version: Build: 203 Operating System: MacBook Pro OS X Lion Java Version: Java: version 1.6.0_43, vendor Apple Inc. Antivirus Program: Nothing. Description of Problem: Okay. I deleted my tekkit and I went to redownload it! And there was a new version. I downloaded it and I tried Tekkit Classic. I have a Premium Account. I'm using my Minecraft Info. And after the mojang screen. It crashes IMMEDIATELY. And then I tried every other one and just a CRASH. Error Messages: Nothing. Error Log: 2013/03/16 22:49:21 [iNFO] ------------------------------------------ 2013/03/16
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