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  1. I haven't had any issue. Fluidduct plus a void pipe. No worries about tanks over flowing.
  2. Finally found a server I like. I am one picky bastard powerpin if I like it chances are most people will. Minimal rules and minimal ban items. Love it.
  3. Anyone know where to find one? Starting to get annoying with all the holes in the texture. What patches I have found are outdated.
  4. They are usually the ones screaming for help once they start running into ID conflicts. They also wouldn't know better, or even how to put a mod pack together.
  5. 1. Mods released are in the public domain. If they never wanted it in public packs then they should have never released it. 2. Their copyrights/licenses are illegitimate, and unenforceable through court. 3. People would ask for permission if a large portion of mod makers would let go of there egos, and quit being jerks. 4. What you and curse are trying to do will land in hot water with Mojang as it will be against their EULA. The whole you can't make money off of Minecraft in any way excluding Youtube.
  6. Thermal Expansion and Mekanism are at least two of mods that are holding Big Dig back from being 1.6.2 at least. Bunch of builds for 1.6.2 for Mekanism none yet though recommended.
  7. I hate adfly it seems almost every mod for Minecraft has to be downloaded from there. It isn't that I don't want to wait for five seconds. It is all the bogus ads that link to somewhere else than what they are advertising. Programs that might be free, but come with adware or spyware. I find it hard to believe the modders don't know this. One reason why I prefer to the Technic launcher. I avoid the possibility of infecting my computer from downloading a mod from adfly.
  8. As it is sometimes with big updates things don't go as smooth as the developers hope for. The Technic team though got this done pretty quick. Even major MMO devlopers which rake in millions per month have bugs and hiccups almost every big update. The Technic team does a great job considering they are doing this for free.
  9. If you had seen the egos some of the modders display you would realise no such thing would ever work. I appreciate the work the modders do, but honestly I have never seen a more hostile bunch in any gaming community. Sad thing is we as the end users enable this behavior by not showing them the door.
  10. I used Ubuntu One. While slow to download from it is simple as two clicks to make the link public.
  11. Go to, and look through the video cards they have. You will find everything from low end dirt cheap cards to the best money can buy. Caution though some cards even on the low end require power directly from the power supply.
  12. Intergrated graphics suck plain and simple. Trust me even a cheap dedicated video card makes a huge difference as far as overall performance is concerned. I put a basic $100 ATI 6750 in my computer. I went from 15 fps on lowest setting for my racing sim to 100 plus stable running the graphics full blast. This is from a off the self HP I got at Wal-Mart for $500 3 years ago with AMD Athalon II 4 core and 5 gigs of ram. No where near a purpose built Gaming Rig. $600 total and 3 years later I can still run all my games at at least 40 fps including anything that has come out in the last 6 months. But I admit it is time for an upgrade she is. starting to show her age. Sniff sniff
  13. Saintfan upon a closer look you are doing it completely wrong follow this guide to the letter.
  14. Well his .zip is either not named correctly or he doesn't have the drop box folder properly set up for public sharing. I got the same error testing mine. Renamed the folder to match my packs name plus the version number. It worked once I did that.