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  1. 1. Your age: 32 2. What would be your goal on the server? To explore, build cities or structures with other players. Just enjoy tekkit classic with other easy going people. 3. Why should be whitelist you? Like most i hate being griefed, nothing worse than coming back and finding that someone destroyed or raided your place that you spent so much time building/collecting. 4. Your IGN havocrequim
  2. 1. havocrequim 2. 32 3. united states 4. i enjoy exploring and learning how to build new and cool things 5. been offline for a while and recently just got back on and looking for a really chill atmosphere and people to hang and guild with 6. yes 7. to try to find a cool server to hang out with and enjoy all the things minecraft has to offer with tekkit classic. 8. tekkit classic atm is one of my fav's
  3. Minecraft Name: havocrequim Age: 31 Country: United States Why do you want to join: Looking for a cool server to hang out on and meet new players to explore and build with If you got banned (MCBANS), explain your bans: No bans as of yet.
  4. Ingame Name: havocrequim Reason of joining: Looking for a cool whitelist server where i can have fun with other players and build some cool stuff. Experience: Ive been fooling around with tekkit since it was first released and actually prefer the classic. Ive been playing off and on, on a regular basis now for about a year Age: 31 Favorite mod: Industrial craft
  5. Username:havocrequim What is your experience with tekkit?:played it off and on for about a year Have you ever been banned from a server? if so please explain:nope never been banned What do you plan on doing here at techluminal tekkit?: basically try to build an awesome base, maybe get together with other players and build something even more awesome.
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