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  1. Well, Tekkit Lite does not use MC 1.7.2 - it uses MC 1.4.7.
  2. ty so much - because I don't know the recipes and just want to see them in game and not in a browser :o
  3. Thanks - anyone know how to add them back in? :(
  4. Forgive me I didn't know where else to post this tbh - I am unable to see any of the Immibis Microblocks in the NEI interface - yes, I have checked, double checked, triple checked all of the item subsets and nothing is turned off - nor are the microblocks listed in any of the subsets. I only noticed this problem when I updated to 1.1.7 (heck, I don't even know if this has always existed on tekkit for me) - but, now I'm trying to use microblocks and don't know the recipes for them. I have removed the tekkitmain folder and reinstalled the tekkit modpack - did not work. Anyone know anything about
  5. Great server - brand new - open land - not many people on it so far - amazing start area/mall - amazing ping/no lag - live in US...
  6. IGN (In Game Name): ubLightHero Age (Optional): 32 Why are you looking to join the server? What can you bring to the server?: I have a lot of time on my hands at the moment and have been looking for a new server to join. I have been played Tekkit Classic and have moved on to Tekkit lite. I have an extreme amount of knowledge of how to work the majority of the mods in this modpack work - including MFR, AE, IC2, BC, and TE. Tell me about your play style? (i.e: How long have you been playing minecraft/tekkit? What types of things do you like to do?): I enjoy assisting people with
  7. AND - some people just can't get in at all.
  8. Ya - at the same time - it seems I am the only one not getting "kicked" off *YET*
  9. Also try deleting the cache folder - You may have 2: (Win7/Vista) - Start - in the search area at the bottom type in %appdata% and hit enter open .technic folder IF there is a cache folder there, delete it. Open up Tekkitlite and delete the cache folder in there
  10. I hope you meant java 7 I am noticing rather strange things happening. I thought maybe because I was new to the server - that it may have something to do with that. But, I also see plenty of people joining that it shows they are new and disconnecting. So far, there's 3 people that are able to stay on the server :(
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