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  1. The pack is 320 MB. Seems large, but like I said Pixelmon alone (depending on version) is usually around 250+ MB. If you don't want to or can't increase it for obvious bandwidth and server reasons, that's fine. Your service is free, and that's why its so great. Edit: I now use the Pixelmon Preloader mod, so that fixes the size issue.I don't really think you need to increase it actually, 300MB should be more than enough for the large majority of modpacks.
  2. You magnificent people. Question. Would it be possible to have a higher File Size? Pixelmon packs are usually quite large.
  3. There is, just go into minecraft and change the settings to what you want. Then, go to the directory of the modpack or vanilla minecraft and get the options file, and when you pack your modpack, just add the options file into it also.
  4. So recently one of my modpacks has been getting more attention then I thought it would. Dropbox bandwidth was being over run. So I decided to switch to copy.com. It worked great for awhile, but the link stopped working. I also tried Dropbox again, copy.com again, one drive, google drive and a bunch of other B grade hosting websites to no avail. Basically, the download link works for an hour or so, but then it just stops. And its not my bandwidth running out on all of them either, becuase I even bought premium mediafire (which comes with direct links) and after a few hours, it stopped working!
  5. If you could do this for me to, I would also be very grateful. Skype: the_one_and_only_scravey
  6. I have done what you said and the client works good, but the server still stops at the same point. '> The above is a link to a picture of the console and what it says, as that is where it just stops. It doesn't appear to put that in the logs either. Also, I know I have some useless files in there, but i'm too lazy to clean it out
  7. So, I have recently built my own mod-pack and I am creating a server for it. But I have a problem. Whenever I load it up it loads fine for awhile and then... STOP it just says some stuff about Forge and closes down. I am using MCPC+ to run it. INFO: Log: http://pastebin.com/v9XPnGc7 Modpack Page: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/nexus-advanced-modpack.381101 If anyone could help me with This I would greatly appreciate it.
  8. When i load up my custom mod-pack, i get all the way to the end, then it just says "1%..." FOREVER. Any help would be appreciated!
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