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  1. I would advice to make the file read only after edit. Game rewrites it back when launching But that is all, let him make some research :)
  2. I have many way points set. This should be working fine. The only problem is with teleporting. It is disabled by default. You have to edit config file and set it to read only, otherwise the game will overwrite it back on next launch. Do you add way points to groups? You can switch groups with comma. Way points in Nether may cause problems too. They don't match coordinates you enter and teleporting is bugged.
  3. Adding MCMMO is a little bit difficult. It is plugin for bukkit server and only for multiplayer. There is no version for singleplayer. If Hexxit is based on bukkit, then you could be able to add mcmmo by just adding mcmmo.jar into plugins directory of the server. If Hexxit is not based on bukkit, then you can only take bukkit server and try to add mods similar to Hexxit modpack. But you will have to troubleshoot everything from scratch. Still after this action, people will have to have same mods as on server.
  4. Hi, yes, open the map with M and right click place, where you want your waypoint. You can even teleport to your waypoints using T.
  5. Hi, tree capitator still doesn't recognize paxels and additional axes. Please add their IDs to default config of tree capitator. Minefactory reloaded machines lost their compatibility with some trees. Sakura, Eucalyptus and may be more. They are no longer planted nor harvested. Gysahl green and other flowers still grow with no consumption of bonemeal. Blazerods can be pulverized and re-crafted from powder with double increase of them.
  6. try ctrl+shift and click to move all stacks of same type. Or you can look into inventory tweaks settings using [...] <-- this button on the inventory screen.
  7. I have same problem... thousands of chocobos... What now? I only can send you some logs and delete my world...
  8. Thank you for tip. I tried to plant some gysahl seeds and got loverly gysahl. Instant growing with raw leg doesn't work too. Bonemeal works well but it doesn't disappear so it looks like another bug.
  9. Hi, I can't craft loverly gysahl and golden gysahl to breed chocobos. NEI doesn't show recipe.
  10. Hi, Tree capitator doesn't recognize additional axes and paxels. I looked to config and tried add some item IDs. With this IDs added to config file most of them work fine. 20390; 20714; 21788; 21794; 21802; 21811; 21817; 21821; 21823; 21824; 21830; 21834; 21840; 21844; 21850; 21858; 21864; 21868; 21873. Can you add them to the default config of tree capitator?
  11. I just installed 1.3.9 and NEI looks OK. Thank you. I will let you know if I find some bugs.
  12. It would be good to mark upcoming releases marked as beta in launcher. Now it is recommended but not so stable to be recommended. I have problems with NEI on linux but in version 1.3.8 I started to have similar problems even on windows. Now I'm on 1.3.5 because of relative stability on windows. 2 crashes during today.
  13. On windows it is working normally. It looks like some incompatibility on linux only. But Tekkit main is working normally including NEI on linux.
  14. Here is my log of fresh 1.3.4 install. http://www.mediafire.com/download/7hs707wjg9fhlgp/ForgeModLoader-client-0.log I play MC on linux. I will reboot to windows to try it on different OS.
  15. Hi, I have exactly same problem. I did fresh install of Big Dig and NEI shows absolutely no items. I tried downgrading to version 1.3.3 without success. NEI still is totally empty. I'm going to try downgrading to version 1.3.2 and even older. But that is not solution. I was waiting for 1.5.2 update to Big Dig.
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