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  1. 1. foxisLt 2. 23 3. UTC +2 4. Most time off tekkit spen playing lite. That would be couple of months 5. Yes, i have 6. Sure, but i'm not native english speaker 7. TeamSpeak
  2. I'd like to join your server too. In game name foxisLt. I'm from Lithuania 23 years old and have a few months tekkit exp.
  3. IGN: foxisLt Age: 23 Country: Lithuania Tekkit Experience: Not much exp in multiplayer, and a few month of single player Reason or Reasons for wanting to join?: Watched lots of videos and relyzed that multiplayer way more fun. Cheers.
  4. 1. What is your Minecraft name? foxisLt 2. How old are you? 23 3. Previous tekkit exp.? Just singleplayer few months 4. Why do you wan't to join? Want multiplayer experience in reasonable but not crowded server 5. What can you bring to the server? Future will show 6. What is my name? Joel 7. Anything you wan't to tell about yourself? From Lithuania, love football 8. Your location and timezone in GMT: +2 9. Tell us shortly about yourself: Studying, wokring... ahh.. life's hard 10. Do you agree the rules? Yes
  5. Application Minecraft Username: foxisLt Time Zone: UTC +2 Reason for Applying: Want to find a server with a mature, not to big comunity for a peacefull playing Do you plan on staying: I do Opinion on Explosions: Don't know, never used it Are you a nice person: I believe i am
  6. Ingame Name: foxisLt Reason of joining: want to try classic expierence with mature players Experience: about 2-3 weeks of tekkit lite Age: 22 Favorite mod: EE
  7. IGN: foxisLt Age: 22 Country: Lithuania Tekkit Experience: Not much, playing tekkit about 2 weeks. Do you have a Mic: Yes Are you able to use Teamspeak?: Yes Reason or Reasons for wanting to join?: I believe that playing online is more fun specially with mature players
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