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  1. Re: Is there a version of the technic launcher that.....(doesn't ask him to log in) I once ate a banana :D
  2. Did you by any chance change any block IDs? Also, you only posted launcher version, not the actual pack version (7.0.0, 6.0.7 etc)
  3. Hmmm... I think the .jar went prancing off.
  4. I tried that. Short story: No. Long story: crashes with a message saying retarded minecraft.class
  5. Well.... [img width=20] NO. MOD NOTE: Posting stupid overused memes today earns you a probation ban. Go be a kewl kid on Reddit.
  6. MOD NOTE: One does not simply use stupid uncreative overused old unfunny memes on this forum. Also you've made several low-effort posts today. Scratch that, you're flooding our board with retarded shit. Enjoy your probation Scratch the scratch, don't come back. Ever. So much shitposting in one day.
  7. How do I stop flooding? I tried (minecraft knowledge) to make a dwarf mine towards water and now my whole lower floor is flooded ;-;
  8. The quality of that.. hurts my eyes.
  9. If you send me 20 bucks, I can send you back a technic shirt :O
  10. I WANT TO FUCKING PLAY THAT! I was watching CaptainSparklez play it Too bad I don't have 15 friends to play with -.-' (and dick admins) I will be Peeta. Also, I think someone should change the map once in a while because I watched how CaptainSparklez played it and I know most of the hidden treasures and shit
  11. SOBs disabled pandora for non-americans.. -.-'
  12. Hah. I use my craptop for hosting+playing Specs: Dell inspiron 6400 2GB Ram 110GB HD Intel Core Duo @2GHz Mobile Intel® GMA 950 w/ 256mb
  13. If it's SMP, it is possible. (hurr durr) Just make an iron furnace (dont create it, just make it in the crafting table) and add lapis in the middle. It'll make 4 chunkloading blocks. Now, you go to the nether, set up your rig and use the minimap to see the chunks. (press ".", go to SurfaceMap options > Show Chunk Grid). Now place a chunkloading block in each chunk that your rig is in. (Usually 1-2) Now go back to the overworld, and place the teleport pipe (it has to use the same frequency as the one in the nether). Place a chunk loading block there and you're done!
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