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  1. Ingame name: JangoBK Age: 22 Reason why you want to join: I often find playing most modpacks in SSP underwhelming and disconnected from the full potential of what a multiplayer-enabled game can offer a casual gamer such as myself; The Reddit modpack is no exception to this experience. Experience with MC and TPPI: I have experience playing Minecraft since the Adventure Update during Beta Patch 1.8 and started playing this modpack a few years ago. What are you planning on doing: My plans on the server include playing survival to the point of either a burnout or the collection of a large amount of items (more of a personal goal.) As far as everything else goes my end goal is to get acquainted with the community over the next few years or so whilst contributing to the full extent of my knowledge of the included mods in the pack as well as the possibility of joining the staff team in the distant future.
  2. Hello. JangoBK here, 18. I would like to be whitelisted on your private server purely because it is posted solely as a survival server that players can have fun on. I've got TS3/Skype if you want to contact me personally, just pm me and I'll likely add you unless I don't get on for some reason. I chose this server over other similar TPPI servers mainly because you want dedicated players; Players that keep coming back over and over. I do however request what kind of protection/anti-grief plugin(s) you have installed. Thank you for reading my whitelist application. I appreciate the consideration.
  3. Minecraft Username: JangoBK How you found out about this server? I found your server browsing the technicpack forums hoping to find a nice server to play tppi on. Why you want to be on this server? Like the old saying goes; Improve yourself in as many ways as possible. I want this to be my main tppi server that I can dedicate lots of time and effort into. What are you planning on doing on the server? I guess I'll be doing what all of the others posting here: To play Minecraft (Not to sound like a smartass). Your favorite minecraft mod? I've got a few so I'll pick one from random... Applied Energistics. I enjoy the Applied Energistics mod becuase it not only gives the player a fairly easy way to store items in the form of energy, but it also isn't a mod that is too easy or too hard, meaning it has limitations depending on how hard you want to work on it. Thank you for reading and reviewing my whitelist application, I appreciate the consideration.
  4. Server Whitelist Application IGN: JangoBK Age: 18 Location: United States How long you have been playing Minecraft: I have been playing Minecraft since December 2011. What keeps you playing Minecraft: The thing that keeps me playing Minecraft is the constant reminder that there are better things to mine and more powerful things to craft. Thank you for reading my whitelist application.