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  1. Hello. JangoBK here, 18. I would like to be whitelisted on your private server purely because it is posted solely as a survival server that players can have fun on. I've got TS3/Skype if you want to contact me personally, just pm me and I'll likely add you unless I don't get on for some reason. I chose this server over other similar TPPI servers mainly because you want dedicated players; Players that keep coming back over and over. I do however request what kind of protection/anti-grief plugin(s) you have installed. Thank you for reading my whitelist application. I appreciate the consideration.
  2. Server Whitelist Application IGN: JangoBK Age: 18 Location: United States How long you have been playing Minecraft: I have been playing Minecraft since December 2011. What keeps you playing Minecraft: The thing that keeps me playing Minecraft is the constant reminder that there are better things to mine and more powerful things to craft. Thank you for reading my whitelist application.