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  1. Oh great! Thanks disconsented! Lucky I can change the modpack slug xD
  2. Can't help much if you don't show a crash log. Find the crash log in your .technic folder and put it on http://pastebin.com/ and reply with the link to your paste.
  3. You could try talk to the Author or ask on there modpacks discus page. You could add extra characters in the modpack name? That's all I can think of.
  4. As the title says "Can Technic Solder connect to an already made modpack?". I've already set up Solder and it works great, but my modpacks on page 2 of top modpacks and I don't think I can get that reputation back by starting a whole new modpack. So if someone new how to do this that'd be great.
  5. Technic says they won't help anyone with setting up solder. The most instructions you will get is here: https://github.com/TechnicPack/TechnicSolder I only read those instructions and I managed to do it. I did run into a few problems, but I got there. I have no experience in PHP or Laravel, so try that.
  6. I'm setting up solder everything seems to go ok (well I didn't get far to be honest). When I get to the part to migrate the database I get this error. (Usernames and host names have been removed for privacy). [serverhost]$ php artisan migrate:install Warning: chdir(): No such file or directory (errno 2) in /home/username/paths.php on line 97 Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/username/laravel/core.php on line 1 I'm not an expert on Laravel or PHP, and I know everyone says "Dont try it etc.", but I want to have a go at it. So anyone have any ideas on what the
  7. I had to start a new world, which isn't the same as my lovely little house with the birdbath and rocky path into the forest. Please advise so I can continue. Much obliged.

  8. Hi, I have a small problem and don't know where to turn to. I recently downloaded your Don't Eat the Stone modpack and was having more fun than a barrelful of monkeys with it, finding a lovely redwood forest and beginning plans for a dinosaur park. Then the new update happened, and now every time I try and access my world, it freezes and gives me the unexpected error message.

  9. problem with DETS client download.

  10. Launcher Version: 338 Operating System: Windows 7, HP Java Version: Java 7 (64 bit) Antivirus Program: Vipre Description of Problem: I launch technic go to download my modpack. It slowly loads and then it stops says: Failed to download! Then tries to redownload. Look at the error log! Error Messages: Failed to download! Error Log: [color=#000000]2013/11/09 09:09:43 [iNFO] ------------------------------------------[/color] [color=#000000]2013/11/09 09:09:43 [iNFO] Technic Launcher is starting....[/color] [color=#000000]2013/11/09 09:09:43 [iNFO] Launcher Build: 338[/color]
  11. I found a free webhost and it's pretty amazing! It's free unlimited bandwidth and all! I host my modpacks on there and I even made a website for it! Link: x10hosting.com You need a bit of knowledge to use it. All you need to do is register, then go onto the Cpanel. Go onto File Manager. In directory selection choose Web Root. Then upload your zip there. Go to your main address for the website, right click the zip copy and paste it into your technic URL.
  12. Launcher Version: 253 Operating System: Windows 7, HP, 8 gb RAM Java Version: 7 Antivirus Program: Vipre Internet Security Description of Problem: Ok so, this happens to most people. I'm sure you've seen someone like me posting this same thing on the forums, but it's really annoying me. When you first download a custom modpack the download is fine. Then when the modpack goes to update it comes up with an error unzipping SP's (this modpack). It doesn't happen if the modpack Authors set up Solder API. I have a suspicion it's to do with the Cache folder that's automatically created in
  13. Dropbox suspended my account for to much traffic. So I decided to find a free web hosting service and I found one. It works really well to. All you need to do is set it up click file manager, then click on public_html and finally click upload and wholah. Bonus about it is you can make a website as well for it ;)
  14. I've seen all the popular packs they all host there packs on there own websites. Is there a tutorial or video on how to set that up on a website?
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