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  1. I don't think this is even TPPI. Even the website does not state as such. Tried their IP and its invalid for the pack.
  2. IGN: Torich Age: 27 Location: Texas How many years have you been playing? Since Beta What keeps you playing Minecraft? New packs such as TPPI.
  3. Please be aware that most of the servers that have not been active for 6 months on the forums are dead.
  4. Username: Torich How you found out about this server? : Through the Technic Forums. Why you want to be on this server? : Trying to find the right server to build in peace. What are you planning to do on the server?: Going to try to make a city based off of Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth Your favorite minecraft mod? Has to be a tie between Modular Powersuits, Applied Energistics, Mekanism and Big Reactors.
  5. I am receiving an error whenever I try to download the .zip file via the launcher. "Failed to download cloud.zlepper.dk/mods/eirairc/eirairc-1.7.10-mc1.7.10-v1.7.29.zip"
  6. I am getting a Bad Login every time I try to connect.
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