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  1. Reading all the comments was really awkward. Twilight Forest, Mystcraft.
  2. Sheep Bacon

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      The OTHER other red meat!
  3. Okey, it works without MrCrayfish Construction Mod and Micdoodle+Galacti, I will test when I get home, could it be that MicdoodleCore needs to be installed at the same time as GalactiCraft? Also I updated Forge and a few mods.
  4. I figured it out. MicdoodelCore makes the game crash. Any tips on how to fix it?
  5. minecraftforge-universal-1.6.4- and I made another with minecraftforge-universal-1.6.4- , same problem.
  6. Can you upload the server on dropbox or something, I can't get it to work, even by doin exactly what you said, I get the same error.
  7. Well, I updated GalactiCraft and IC2, any more ideas on what to update?
  8. Thing is, no of those 3 mods are on the server :C, I will try updating mods.
  10. I have made a modpack and am porting it to server but I get this crash. It says something about a mod missing, but I've compared the clients mod folder and the servers mod folder and I can't find any mod missing. Help to identify (and fix it) is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance! -The modpack is 1.6.4 as stated on the pastebin-
  11. So, transition planes all the way down to bedrock?
  12. Wow... What do you use to move the transition planes and make sure they get power?
  13. I've seen your name on a whole lot of Whale Box threads so that makes sense. Yeah, I've seen it's massive water usage But when both are filled, they will supply each other and I won't have to input more water, right? (As long as I don't set the turbine to dump all waste). AFAIK, the enderium won't do anything if you have the reactor set to output steam, right? Since you are really helpful, what mining system do you use? Laser drills (since you got a ton of power), or a movable mining system or maybe even manual? Also, can I see your turbines?
  14. It's easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend.

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  15. Oh cool, I get it now, thanks (btw just checked Whale Box and recognize ur name from there )! So, if I want to use aluminum brass, I can make 8 coils of it, make sure it gets 1392 mb of steam per tick, have 56 blades and I will have 6,396.36 RF/t? Also, a couple questions: Can you have multiple rotors inside of one turbine "room"? How do I make sure my reactor is able to output that much steam? Can you have multiple rotors inside of one turbine "room"? How do I make sure my reactor is able to output that much steam? P.S: "if you read the rules you will hopefully never have to deal with me. if you're too cool or too dumb for that, I'm sure we'll be great friends." I did read the rules, I swear!! D.S
  16. I still don't understand the table, do you?
  17. OMGWOW.. I'm totally blind Thanks, I will look at it!
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  19. --INTERMEDIATE KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE MOD IS PROBABLY REQUIRED, OR MAYBE JUST A SMART PERSON -- I found this cool-looking mod called Big Reactors and decided to download it (lol). I watched two tutorials, one of them mentioning a table showing different values that is very helpful when building a turbine. It has a lot of information about it, the only problem is that I don't quite understand the table (what all the columns stand for and such). If anyone could try helping me understand the table that would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance! Table:
  20. MODPACK NAME: FoCraft 2014 LINK TO MODPACK PAGE: (the current logo sucks, I know) PACK THEME: Magic,tech (including going to space ), and a few small, nifty mods ADDITIONAL INFO: Thanks! c: Round corners would be awesome
  21. That's odd... Try reinstalling the pack, and check if you have 64-bit Java installed. Get Optifine, a mod that helps you increase your FPS. Post how it went
  22. Okey. Yeah, I was a bit concerned about where to post it but thought TF would be best because of the awesome community. Thanks for letting me know where to post it!
  23. So, I saw YogsCast playing some Flam's mod and wanted to try it (and maybe add it to my modpack). Sadly whenever I open the Veichle Crafter Minecraft crashes and leaves me with this log. Thanks in advance!