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  1. I actually just finished fixing the same problem. The statement about Galacticraft isn't relevant as I was having the same problem with and without Galacticraft installed, plus that statement occurs normally when I review logs from when the server was working. I ended up having a multitude of issues. 1/ The overworld save was corrupted 2/ My latest backup of the overworld was corrupted (1 week old at this point and made by ForgeEssentialsServer) Re-installing Java didn't work. Deleting all traces of tekkit and downloading a fresh, unmodified server also wouldn't start. I ended up having to re-install the entire server, OS and everything. No big deal for me as the machine was dedicated to just Tekkit. Not sure how much this helps you as I was recovering from a power issue while the server was running that I suspect was the culprit.
  2. I was wondering if anyone has seen this vid for a fusion reactor design. I don't have the resources for testing the ouput and comparing to CharlieChop's (obviously replacing the turbines with steam funnels).
  3. There is a quick way to get to the folder in Windows, just type %appdata% in the address bar of your file explorer and hit enter.
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