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  1. Laser drills do not need bedrock as of MFR 2.6.1 (2.7.8 is current as of Tekkit 1.2.9d/e) http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1629898-151152-powercrystals-mods-the-updates-never-stop/#mfr 2.6.1 Changed: Conveyor renders closer to the ground so it no longer looks like it's levitating Changed: Laser Drill work cost is configurable Changed: Laser Drill can fire into the void
  2. I can't seem to find where I learned this information, but go into your chikenchunks config file and set clean up time to 0. No more chunk voids. This may have to be done server side for SMP. Also helps server side to force generate the world with a plugin such as world border.
  3. Upgrade your Itemducts. to impulse itemducts. I was able to pull from 2 buffer chests from 2 maxed quarries with no issues.
  4. Are you running 32bit vs 64bit java? Is anything generating in the forge log?
  5. Outside of the portal to the deep dark, I don't see anyone sane person keeping this much cobble around. Here are some fun facts about the highest compression Extra Utilities gives us. 1 Octuple Compressed Cobblestone is 43,046,721 regular cobblestone. A DSU can hold 2 billion blocks of a single type. If one Minecraft block's area is considered to be 1 square meter, one would need to fill 70 DSUs with Octuple Compressed Cobblestone to equal the volume of Pluto. (~ Credit FTB Wki) Who is crazy enough to fill 70 DSUs with Octuple Compressed Cobblestone in survival?
  6. EE3 has 2 working machines using 3 blocks. Calcinator and the Aludel (with Glass Bell). Alchemical chests are also present. Minium stones make a return as well, but minium shards no longer exist. You have to take an item with 8192 EMC value and "smelt" it in a calcinator with standard fuel to get minum dust. Combine 8 minium dust with an inert stone in a Aludel and you get the Minium Stone. Only diamond and emerald have the required EMC value.
  7. I am running the same only with a hollow ring of fuel rods. Running 4 control rods at 80% and 4 at 90%. This is running an 80 blade turbine at max steam and getting 22k RF/t using 36 Enderium blocks. Currently building a 2nd one, maybe up to 4 just off this design. Using Cryo as coolent.
  8. Yellorite and Uranium 235 are registered as equals in the ore dictionary. They are interchangable in all Big Reactors recipies (Haven't tried AE Reactor recipies myself).
  9. Tuxmelv


    There is only 1 thing I miss and it's not from IC2, but nuclear control. Information panels. Computercraft can be cool but 2 blocks for a simple sign isn't practical (computer and monitor). Colored signs from plugin's still are on wood and that doesn't fit in with the rest of the mod.
  10. Anything that requires unstable ingots cannot be automated. I don't remember where I read this.
  11. I remember watching a mod spotlight (forget by who) that explained that damage from the Extra Utilities mod (unstable ingots / Deep Dark dimension damage from darkness) is magical to bypass armor.
  12. A quarry will output into a gold transport pipe, this should be able to connect to the tesseract. Another tesseract directly connected to an ME Interface has 8 stacks/unique items per tick for an imput rate. I haven't gotten to tesseracts on 1.2.6b/1.2.7b to test it but in 1.1.0, 1 pair of item tesseracts with gold piping was easily able to keep up with 4 64x64 quarries when outputting into an ME interface.
  13. The only thing I use anymore from BC is the quarry and fuel. A TE conduit can convert to MJ, Just make sure there is at least 1 conduit between your machines requiring MJ (Galacticraft/Buildcraft) and anything producing RF.
  14. Looks like the Redpower Gem Axes are not in the treecapitator config by default.
  15. Moving the nether is valid too. The largest drive I saw was 128x128x128, four quarries worth of nether! I can easily see having an area set up just large than a quarry with permanent spacial pylons oustide of it, have it on its own ae network (subnetwork) and just imput a full drive from the nether, quarry reset and you are good to go. You may be able to automate the setup and teardown of the spatial pylons in the nether with turtles. Just remember that entities are saved as well as blocks, including zombie pigmen, magma cubes, and ghasts! I don't really want to let a ghast loose in the overworld or mystcraft dimention near my base.
  16. Permission would not be an issue. The minecraft forum post for this mod specifically states modpacks are ok. I run a private server that augments tekkit with a couple extra mods including Tinker's Construct. It really goes well with early and midgame. You would be able to add it youreself by adding it to your mods folder. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1659892-164tinkers-construct/ License This mod is covered under the Creative Commons 3.0 license. Modpacks are encouraged, feel free to do anything you like with it. I only ask that you enjoy it!
  17. I plan on using it to store an entire village, NPC's and all!
  18. EE3 has been updated, minium shards are no longer used. Minium dust is used in place and is obtained by burning an item with 8126 value or higher in a calcinator.
  19. Buildcraft made some power changes that made it difficult to impliment, TE made their own power system in response. All TE conduits can convert RF to MJ on the fly, they cannot convert back to RF from MJ. Many mods already support RF and I've only had to deal with MJ with Buildcraft or Galacticraft machines and conduits take care of the conversion!
  20. Thermal Expansion machines now require RF. Use Dynamos instead of engines and leadstone conduit instead of conductive pipes.
  21. This is from another mod called WAILA (stands for What Am I Looking At). This is more a HUD function than a tooltip as you can see things like the capacity of Energy Cells, growth rates of crops, ect.
  22. You can use the fuzzy import bus to ignore damage value ranges, or you can use a percision import bus to extract the fuel rod at the precise damage value you desire.
  23. Building a tinker table and it disappears when I place it. Occurred on 1.2.2 and a fresh install of 1.2.5. Creatively spawned tinker tables have no issues. Tables built from creatively spawned materials but still manually crafted also fail.
  24. Has anyone worked with the Light Bridges and Doors mod? Insta-force field ~esque doors and walkways would fit well into the Tekkit theme. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1852335-sspsmpforge-kris91268s-light-bridges-and-doors-version-17-mc-164-create-bridges-and-doors-of-light/
  25. Dup glitch with TE. Pulverizer right next to a Redstone Furnace (no pipes). Smelted a 2.5 stacks of Iron Ore, I was manually adding in more ore when the Pulverizer got down to about half a stack in the inventory. When all the iron was smelted, and the 19 bonus Ferrous was up, the Redstone Furnace was recieving an infinite supply of Ferrous. When I took out the dust, it kept refilling till I removed the bonus dust from the Pulverizer as it stayed at 19.
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