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  1. IGN: TeleCompter AGE:19 TEKKIT EXPERIENCE: Ive been playing tekkit since it originally came out, and recently have been feeling nostalgic about the good times I had in my old whitelist server and would love to reconnect. My expertise is making bars and tracks.
  2. Can you whitelist my friend too? 1. 17 2. To join my friend in building 3 Because I'm also very good at tekkit classic 4 J0sh088
  3. 1. Your age 17 2. What would be your goal on the server? Making a force field covered base, and a rail factory 3. Why should be whitelist you? Im great at tekkit classic, and I'm a good person and not a troll 4. Your IGN TeleCompter
  4. 1- In game name: TeleCompter 2- Age: 16 3- experiences in tekkit: Been playing tekkit classic since it was just tekkit 4- Skype name (optional or other contacts): salvation15x 5- Past bans (will be looked up so don't lie): Banned from a Trouble in Mineville server for fooling around once, thats all I can think of 6- Time zone: Mountain Time 7- A little about yourself: Love minecraft, EDM, pasta, coffee, and other things. Really want to play a good 'ol tekkit classic server again.