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  1. Totally, I'd love to add morph to my modpack but there's really no penalty to using the powers of the creatures you kill. It takes very little effort to go out and kill a bat but then you get the ability to fly from it. It'd be nice if the configs for morph offered the option to enable penalties like rapid hunger reduction while using a morph or something or you couldn't use unique abilities while your hunger was below 3. Not even as default options. Just something easily adjustable in the config.


    Not that I'm trying to convince you one way or the other, but you should have a look at the morph config. There's a lot of stuff you can do to lessen the OPness.

    For example, in ABT bat flight burns through hunger like nobody's business (this doesn't seem to be configurable, so it may be hardcoded, or an ABT specific patch).


    Flight can also be disabled until a player has either entered the nether, or killed a Wither. You can also wipe morphs on death or blacklist mobs entirely.

  2. *In-game name:  Targren


    *What do you think about the server: For such a populated server, the people seemed pretty pleasant to the newbies and newcomers


    *Is there anything we could improve on the server?: I know it's a temporary issue, but the sooner you fix the "return to spawn on every join" thing, the better!


    A resetting Nether-Resource World might not go amiss, IMO. Having to travel nearly 1k to build a handful of redstone comparitors was certainly a new experience! :)

  3. In-Game Name: Targren
    Age:  34
    Why do you want to play on this server: I've made a wager with the forces of darkness: if I can amass 100 soul contracts in one year, then I can get my own soul back, so I need to join a community in order to connect with my victims.  What? What do you mean, "that's the plot to 'Johannes Cabal: Necromancer?'"
    Fine, then. I guess because I want to build and stuff, and doing it without cool people around feels kind of pointless.
    What DO you like to do (Build, Mine, etc.): Building and Crafting and doing amazing and law-breaking (physics, not server rules) things with redstone and tech mods.
    What DON’T you like to do:  "Prep Work": Clearing out and flattening land for building, gathering massive amounts of stone/marble/basalt for building materials,  etc... That's henchman work. (Until I get some henchmen, I do it anyway.)
    Experience with modpack (1-10): 7.5
    What is love: Overrated. Biochemically no different than eating large quantities of chocolate. -- "John Milton" (The one from the film "Devil's Advocate", not the 17th century poet/statesman)
    Squirtle or Pikachu:  "Originality" would dictate choosing a response not listed, but I am forced to choose "Squirtle", for the sake of domestic tranquility. ("Squirtle" was the nickname I gave my very-long-term girlfriend back when we were callow in youth; age has brought with it the wisdom to know that I'd sure as hell better choose it here!)

  4. I've found that MFR machines and item ducts sometimes don't get along. The idle timer will stop just like yours did. I decided to just put chests behind the machines to catch items and then attach the item ducts to the chest to route things and that works fine.


    An alternative to this, if you want to route or sort items, is to conveyer belt the items into an item router, and have the item ducts feed from that into your chests.


    It's a bit of a kluge, but it does have the advantage that full chests will make the items sit on the belt outside the router and despawn, rather than gumming up the pipes...

  5. Name: Targren

    Age: 34

    Why would you want to join this server:

    We're looking for mature players only.
    Let me just hit you with some truth, if you f**k around, you're surely going to be banned and you won't be able to appeal your ban and all of your diamonds will be mine :)

    So yeah, we don't like trolls who want to ruin the fun of others so, just be chill, have fun with the other lads and simply don't break the rules, won't be hard to follow the guidelines.



    Sir, your ideas intrigue me and I would like to subscribe to your newsletter server.

  6. Minecraft username: Targren


    Age (be honest - there's no shame): 34


    Where did you find out about this server? Here on the Technic B-Team Servers forum


    Why do you wish to join this server?It seems to actually value keeping things cool and groovy. I'm mostly a builder-style player, so an easy-going chill is just what I need.


    Do you have any prior knowledge of the B-Team Modpack? Quite a bit. I haven't done everything yet, but I've done a lot with TE/MFR and Advanced Genetics, Project Red makes my inner redstone-hacker giggle gleefully like an over-caffinated schoolgirl, and I know firsthand that I can't make myself a huge airship-base using Archimedes' =


    What do you hope to try out / achieve on the server?

    For my own personal goal: to actually get into space before the server crashes, gets shut down, corrupted, or griefed into oblivion.


    As part of a community: To awe and amaze you with mechanical marvels, technological terrors and convoluted contraptions.


    Cake or Death? I'll take chicken

  7. Your IGN: Targren

    What is your age? 34

    Why do you want to join this server? Looking for a decent community and a structured server

    Are you a explorer, builder or crafter? A bit of all of the above, but mostly a builder, I suppose.

    What do you expect from this server? A chance to chill and have some fun without having to deal with trolls and griefers

    Are you going to record? I don't expect to

    Are you willing to donate? If the server and I are a good fit

    Are you good at building? Others have told me so, but it's rather a subjective decision

    How much knowledge do you have about this modpack? A good amount. I've not messed with Galacticraft, Witchery, or Dragon Mounts yet

    Wolf or lion? Wolf

  8. Perhaps it would be best if you posted this in the Tekkit section, but in Tekkit (Classic, not the new one) at least you can just build a couple of Steam Engines (which in Tekkit Classic don't explode) and get a Quarry set up.


    I think OP was referring to the larger (sometimes massive: veins of 14 diamond ore blocks?!) ore deposits in the worldgen.


    If so:


    TheAxe: You need a mod that alters the chunk generation. Naturally, this means that, even if you add it, it will only take effect in chunks generated after you do (probably. Some mods I've seen do "retro-generation", but it tends to be risky). I don't know what version of MC Tekkit Classic runs on, but if it's not 1.6.4, it's unlikely the exact mod from B-Team will work. 

  9. What is your in game name?



    Why would you like to join our server?

           Honestly, it was the 17+ and No PVP/Griefing rules that got my attention. I just want to chill with cool people and make sweet builds and do crazy redstone tech builds, without having to worry about getting blown up/raided.


    How old are you?



    What can you bring to the server?

         In vanilla, I liked to try to do weird and cool things with redstone devices, which makes AOTBT a particularly good fit for me, thematically.

         I've got a pretty good sense of humor.


    Are you Friendly?

         Yeah, I'm a pretty chill guy.


    Can you take a joke?

         Surely can.    


    Can you tell when someone is joking about?




    Ingame Name: Targren

    Age: Thirty-*mumble*

    Why you want to join: It's no fun being a mad scientist without people to awe.

    Skype: Same as IGN (don't use much though)

    How well do you know this mod pack: Fairly well. I don't get stuck in Morph anymore. Have to dig into Witchery a bit more.

    Do you agree to the rules?  Sure thing.

  11. Place 2 Aqueous Accumulator in a waterpool and ontop of each i place a steamturbine from MFR.


    Wow. That beats the tar out of my overly complicated Grinder+Planter+Furnace+Steam Dynamo tree farm method. Nice!


    Well that is actually a good setup, Auto-Sapwner, Grinder, Power, Reusable Net for your mob and it does require mob essence to get a jump start to the system. But you can take care of that by getting an XP Extractor, and extract your levels, by having an empty bucket in your inventory and then fill the spawner. Generally if you get enough to jump start it, you could potentially get a self-sustaining system


    Is that possible? The Auto-Spawner takes 150 mob essence to spawn a mob, and grinding a mob only gives you 100. How do you get around that to make it self sustaining?


    When I made my wither skeleton auto-spawner/grinder  (4 hours and 0 skulls...), I had to build it next to a Zombie Spawner I found under one of those big "burning man" hay effigies. I built a kill chamber around the zombies, fed them to the grinder, and used them to fuel the auto-spawner. It's the only way I could think of to make it self-running.

  12. Yup If you are wondering, You make your stone tools with Smelted cobblestone (Which named "Stone"). I was having the same issue, I used to play hexxit and you do stone tools with cobblestone. But AOTBT has diffrent config file for that I guess... Like Big Dig, which you don't need any smeltery for making iron,steel and metal tinker tools. 


    In nutshell, Use Stone instead of Cobblestone in Tinkers Construct. Same for the repairing too.


    Not sure if it's a configuration thing or if the author of TC changed it, but this is pretty much it. You could use cobble in hexxit, but not in AotBT.


    BTW, make sure you're smelting that stone in a furnace and not the smeltery, or you'll get "seared stone"

  13. Anyone know what the room size is for the auto spawner?


    IIRC, it has the same spawn range as a vanilla spawner. Normally I use 9x9x5 for those, but since endermen are so tall, you probably want to take an extra layer off the floor and  ceiling and go 9x9x7.


    Just remember not to try to use water to flush them out. <_<

  14. Really, an itemduct in the back didnt work? All the mob drops come out the back, i really figured an itemduct would work. I have a chest set up in the back of mine. You could mess with the project red transportation pipes and route them instead of using itemducts.


    It worked with the grinder once I turned the "output" arrow on (derp!).


    The harvester, on the other hand... For some reason, I can't get a harvester ->ItemDuct -> Item Router to work right (posted about this elsewhere).  Didn't have any luck with the Project Red pipes, either (then again, I've never figured out how to use them right). Finally I just worked around it by moving the router closer to the harvester and running a conveyor belt from where the items drop to run into the router.


    Of course, I haven't tried this again since the update, since my old SP world crashes when I try to load it now. Luckily it was just a creative "scratch pad"

  15. Hello everyone! I have been having a problem that i'm sure some of you are or have experienced. So I just recently added the &quot;Attack Of The B-Team&quot; 128x Resource Pack to the Sphax 128x Resource Pack for 1.6.4 the way it was supposed to. The launcher starts up fine and so does the game; but when I go into the Resource Pack file in the game settings and select the Sphax Resource Pack (with B-Team textures) and the entire game freezes. I can't click anything. Then, after about 5 minutes of waiting, the game closes and the Technic launcher appears. No crash reports or anything. Then I play it again and it starts up fine like the first time. But when the game is in the main menu, the default Resource Pack is still being used.


    Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks for the help!




    What happens if you show the console before doing it? Does it give you anything there?


    I'm guessing it's either a broken/corrupted texture pack, like Loader said, or an OutOfMemory exception (Sphax 128x is a bit of a beast, on top of AotBT, which is a bitter of a beast.;) )


    When I log into my world, it gets stuck on the loading world screen. So I checked the output server, and it said "Entity bat in wrong location".


    Can someone tell me what this means and how to fix it?


    Here is the full message in the output server:




    I ran into that the other day. Most likely, you have a corrupted chunk. Hopefully it's not your base chunk.


    You can try various tools I've seen recommended ("use MCEdit to delete the chunk", "run region fixer", and a bunch of others) -- I didn't test them, so I'm not linking them (lest they go bad and I get blamed), but a quick web search returns a LOT of possible ways to fix it. 


    Being a DIYer at heart, I whipped out a hex editor and used this guy's post. Worked like a charm.

  17. Okay, now I'm feeling stupid. I'm almost certain I connected the itemduct properly to the back of the harvester

             * Set to "output" (red) mode

             * Lever is on

             * Works when the other end of the duct is a chest


    And I'm pretty sure that I set up the item router correctly:

             * All output ducts set to red, with levers on

             * Works when I throw the items into it manually (Apples, Saplings, Logs to the appropriate places, other items spewed onto the ground)


    But for some reason, when I connect the output of the harvester into the top of the router, it does something weird. The FIRST item gets routed properly. Everything after that goes into the router, then comes back out the top, goes back, and clogs the pipe at the harvester. The harvester then "shuts down" (idle bar stops decreasing) until I break the duct off the back, when it springs to life and spews tree detritus all over me...


    Did I screw something up, or is this something I should report as a bug?

  18. I had the same problem as dlepi24, so thanks for helping me work that out. :)


    I find that the problem comes back if I connect an itemduct to the back OR bottom (the only 2 options left without tearing down my design and starting from scratch). I'm new to tech mods in general, so I'm hoping I'm just doing it wrong, so if anybody's got any hints, I'd be oh so grateful. :)


    UPDATE: Nevermind. Apparently any sort of connection error makes the grinder stop running its idle timer, including not setting the end of the item duct properly. Doh

  19. Man, I totally have no idea what's going on. O_O


    Is there a reference somewhere to what the icons on the morph list mean? (The 'burn in sun' on Zombie and Skeleton, and the 'climb' on the spiders are obvious, but some of the others.. not so much).


    Not even gonna worry about TE until I get some time to dig through its wiki and figure out what things like "Redstone Flux" are. Too bad more mods don't have in-game instruction books like TC did. That was a nice touch.

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