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  1. The quarry's fine it's got the yellow/black stripe box thing, but I'll set it up again to see
  2. Are quarries disabled on this server, as I can't seem to get mine to work for no reason that I can think of.
  3. Age: 16 From: UK IGN: BULLSEYE98 Games I play: this and various N64 emulated games experience with tekkit: About 2 years Position (Builder,mod/admin, member, other): Member, unless you'll let me be an admin Mostly available (Night, Day, Weekday, Weekend): Mostly weekday afternoons (UK time)
  4. Ingame username: BULLSEYE98 Age: 16 Are you experienced in tekkit? I've had about a year or two on tekkit classic and about five in minecraft Do you wish to play on cubenation? yeh, of course We are also looking for staff, are you willing to help?(optional) If you'll let me, then I will be perfectly happy to
  5. Hey, could I be added to the whitelist IGN: BULLSEYE98 I'm reasonably experienced, mature(ish), and polite. Basically I just want to join because I want a simple, small server, and this looks good
  6. IGN BULLSEYE98 Age 16 Reason for joining: I just want a small freebuild server without huge lists on banned items, and I like small servers. Have you read the rules: yes Tekkit experience: around a year, mainly on sp
  7. |Application Form| |Your Username:|BULLSEYE98 |Your reason for joining the server:|I just want a small server to build some cool stuff on |Are you experienced in Tekkit:|About a year in sp, and I know about most stuff |Will you follow the rules:|Of course, I've been seriously griefed several times and rally have a hatred for them, besides, I have a really painful conscience on these things
  8. IGN: BULLSEYE98 Real Name: Matt (Most people call me Trevor though) Time Zone: GMT (England) Something about yourself: I like doing tekkit a lot, I'm reasonably friendly, though my sense of humour can be a bit strong (nothing racial etc though) What language you speak (I am truly sorry, but if you do not speak English, you could have google translate in another window?): English What do you want to do on this server (Everyone should have a shop): I'm good with oil refining and nuclear reactors, and I can sell fuel and set up nuclear reactors Do you have a Youtube Channel: nope If so, wi
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