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  1. but if you know anything about networks then i could show you the ping results and stuff so you could take a look
  2. yes it is a public server but the owner is having issues with his computer so he cant help right now, and it doesn't happen on any vanilla or other servers.
  3. http://pastebin.com/wmpxWjRL and i found some tips on another site that i followed, i have no idea what to do with the info i got but i tried pinging the ip in the command prompt and i tryed tracing the ip and i got 8 hops before it timed out. if you need all the stuff i got out of it i can give it
  4. so ever since the server im staffing for went down for about an hour a couple days ago i haven't been able to connect at all, i know the server is up right now because everyone else is connected but it says cant reach server for me and when i try to connect it says connection refused: connect, i am extremely incompetent with networks and ive already tried everything when it came to troubleshooting the modpack, so some help would be much appreciated.
  5. i love this server but theres no one on it:(
  6. IGN:phaedos11 Real name(Optional):phaedrus Age:14 Rate your Tekkit Knowledge 1-10:8 Explain your rating: i am very good with ee and industrialcraft but im not so good with redpower Why would you like to join our community in particular? i like it when i actually can recognize the other people on the server What could you bring to our community: i might be able to help build a bit and add some character to the server Any thoughts on the perks mentioned above? nah Other thoughts: i realy hope you consider me
  7. hello, first of all this server looks completely awesome, i love small pvp servers that actually have a community. i get very lonely in single player and big servers are to chaotic. my Skype name is p.kener, but i can only do the voice chat in the evening on the weekends, except on breaks i can play all the time. i will mostly only play on the weekends and occasionally on the weeks in the evening. i am 13, almost 14. i love the giant battles that destroy chunks. i have been playing mc for 3 years and tekkit for 2 and a half. so please whitelist me, i think i would be a good addition to a tekki
  8. my name is phaedos11 and i have been looking for a small community server for a very long time, i enjoy small servers because singleplayer gets very lonely and the giant servers are always to confusing and you don know anyone. i have Skype, although i cant use the voice chat very often, i am 13 (almost 14), but i have a lot of tekkit experience, i have been playing mc for about 3 years and tekkit for 2 and a half. i love helping other players a lot, but sometimes i like to fight to and i love clash of the titans style battles that destroy lots of stuff. i have been banned once, but it was not
  9. ign: phaedos11 age: 15 timezone: USA pacific experience: iv been playing tekkit for about 2 years and minecraft in general for 3. a little about myself: i enjoy other modpacks but tekkit is by far my favorite of all, i like servers because i rarely have the patience for single player worlds and i also get lonely in single player. i love pvp and building and i use a combination of magic and science.
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