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  1. IGN: SirGarner Age: 15 United Staes Skype: andrew.garner36 I would realy like to play on your server
  2. IGN: SirGarner REAL FIRST NAME: Andrew CONTACT: andrew.garner36 Skype AGE:15 LOCATION: USA missouri Pros: i know some about the modpack and i will always be fun Cons: NONE (i can play every day) I hope people are still being accepted!
  3. Ign: sirgarner Age:15 Skype: andrew.garner36 I would love to join and play with Nice people
  4. i dont really need to be a staff member just a part of the server!
  5. didnt see the part about choosing the modpack you should pick attack of the b team:D
  6. IGN: SirGarner AGE: 15 How long have you played?: since the modpack came out HOw often do you play: every day Do you have any experience with running a server or being a member of staff, if so how much?: none What technical skills do you have?: not sure what you mean What makes you diffrent from everyone else?: I just want to play the modpack on a server with people so i do not get bored. Some things about yourself: I have been playing since the modpack came out and i just want to have fun and play with people.
  7. IGN: SirGarner why i would be a good addition: ive been playing sp for a while and it is getting boring and i want less control of the server and have people to play with. Age: 15
  8. IGN:SirGarner Age (You Must Be 13+): 15 Skype: andrew.garner36 Did You Read The Rules: Yes Why Do You Want To Join The Server: To Play the Mod pack and have as much fun as i can. How Much Do You Know About This Modpack: Some Gender: male
  9. I saw a video with someone playing attack of the b team and he had a sphax pure bd craft resource pack on. Can anyone tell me how to get that? I went to the website but i dont know which one is the right pack.
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